Snow - A Weegie...Bored (Album) (Free Download)

Once upon a time their was a Glaswegian Rapper called Snow who got that bored he thought "ach to hell with it, I'll give them something for their listening pleasure." Then wrapped his microphone around his throat and leaped from his bedroom chair on the release date. Happy Halloween!

This is a truly exciting release, You really have to go and support this mans music.

Enough of the shit talking.  You can stream my favourite track below. Or download the full release for free HERE.

Snow is on the second verse, incredible flow that puts some of out favourite emcee's to shame.

Flabz, J Matrix, Mr 13 & Dr Psycho - Halloween (Music Video)

Spectac & Amiri Feat Najee - I Grew Up (Music Video)

Suspect Ft Adlib - Pull Us Over (Music Video)

Charron - 5AM In Ottawa (Music Video)

Reel Wolf Presents "The Underworld" W/ Vinnie Paz, Tech N9ne, Ill Bill, Slaine, Bizarre, Reef Tha Louse Cause, Celph Titled, King Gordy, SID, The Goondox, Apathy & Swifty Mcvay (Music Video)

Gi3mo - Sultan (Music Video)

Kosha Dillz Backstage with Matisyahu & A$AP Rocky

Vinny Virgo - PsychoDALic (Music Video)

Chox-Mak - No Weapons (Music Video)

Step Brothers (Alchemist & Evidence) ‘Lord Steppington’ Album Art & Track List

Alchemist and Evidence are brothers from another mother. The pair have performed as a duo for a few years now and are finally releasing the joint project, Lord Steppington through Rhymesayers Entertainment at the first of the year. The LP will be produced entirely by Alc and Evidence and includes guest appearances from Action Bronson, Roc Marciano, Blu, Fashawn, Rakaa Iriscience, Oh No, Styles P, Domo Genesis & The Whooliganz. Check out the track list for Lord Steppington, below. Also peep the Step Brothers track “Ron Carter” after the jump. The album will hits stores and iTunes January 21. But in the meantime, you can wait for the pre-order that will be available on November 19.

1.) “More Wins”
2.) “Dr. Kimble”
3.) “Byron G” f/ Domo Genesis & The Whooliganz (produced by Evidence)
4.) “Legendary Mesh”
5.) “No Hesitation” f/ Styles P
6.) “Swimteam Rastas”
7.) “Mums In The Garage” f/ Action Bronson
8.) “See The Rich Man Play” f/ Roc Marciano
9.) “Banging Sound” f/ Fashawn
10.) “Step Masters”
11.) “Tomorrow” f/ Rakka Iriscience & Blu
12.) “Draw Something” f/ Oh No
13.) “Buzzing Away”
14.) “Just Step”

Besque - Make Believe (Music Video)

Lunar C freestyle with DJ MK & Shortee Blitz

Jamal Science - Simply Amazing (Music Video) Prod By Panik

Angelo Mota - Jersey/Mexico (Single)

This mans name is Angelo Mota and is 18 years old from West Orange, New Jersey. He has just (very) recently released his debut single called "jersey/mexico". This song is supposed to show him struggling to keep his individuality in a world of conformists, and his confrontations with different vices. He has been rapping for 5 years now. The track was produced by Raphael Ramosch and the session was engineered/mixed/mastered by Jasmine Henry at WPU Studios. Artwork, was done by Rahj Royce.

Joe Cool & Rodney Cole - Deep Cover 2k14 (Music Video)

VSTHEREAL - Onslaught (Music Video)

Silibil N Brains - Eat Your Brains (Music Video)

Gavlyn - Guilty Please (Music Video)

Cappo - Thousand Word Exodus // 12"

Blunted Astronaut is proud to represent the UK once again with none other than the Grand Imperial Cappo, AKA Iron Condor, AKA Gusto Grizwold.

"Thousand Word Exodus"
Format: 12" Vinyl

Hailing from Nottingham, Cappo is a writer, performer and producer with experience spanning two decades.
This, our 20th release, sees the Iron Condor take flight over some left-field beats by North London recluse and audiophile, DJ Drinks.

Title track "Thousand Word Exodus" sees Cappo return to his underground lyrical roots over a dark piano and inspired drum programming. We're pleased to add the instrumental and acapella tracks available only on the 12" format.

The B-side throws up 2 further gems with "Yield Of Labour", a continuation of themes first explored on P Brother's 2001 release "Elysium Fields" and finally "Dean's List" knocks all your teeth out with full clip deliveries and a sub guaranteed to rattle even the most ardent soundsystem.

All tracks programmed on E-mu Systems SP1200 and Emax and recorded to BASF 468 Master Tape.
Limited to 300 copies with superb packaging courtesy of illustrator Snooze and design maverick Mr. Krum.

Preview & Buy Here


Side A:
1. Thousand Word Exodus (Vocal)

2. Thousand Word Exodus (Instrumental)

3. Thousand Word Exodus (Acappella)

Side B:
1. Yield Of Labour - Elysian Fields Part Two (Vocal)

2. Dean's List (Vocal)

Limited to 300 copies.



Marco Polo Feat Organized Konfusion - 3-0-Clock (Music Video)

R-Mean - Lost Angels ft. The Game and Marka (Music Video)

Centric - Ignorant Feat.Jeanius & Sadat X (Prod.Trife)

The first single off of Why Not? is a boom-bap laced track (distributed by Universal Motown Records) entitled “Ignorant” featuring fellow Free At Last Music label-mate JEAN1US and SADAT X of the legendary hip-hop group Brand Nubian and is produced by TRIFE (another emcee/producer also on Free At Last, the label Centric created). Each emcee on “Ignorant” tackles the word from a different perspective. Sadat’s verse blasts rappers for thinking and acting “ignorant”; Jeanius’ verse is designed to wake up other rappers and the public in general who may be sleeping on (i.e. “ignorant” to) what Free At Last is doing musically and Centric kicks a straight “ignorant” verse with a deeper meaning once it is broken down.

After being the man behind so much great music, (including Cyrano Sinatra, one of hip-hops most known unknown veteran rhymesayers) Centric looks forward to his official introduction to hip-hop as a bonafide emcee with Why Not? He plans to exhibit his deep hip-hop roots and leave his mark on the game. “Always come home,” says Centric. “No matter what happens in your life… No matter what avenue you try out… home is who you are. Hip-hop is my home… it’s where I’m most comfortable.”


RazorKingz - Reign Drops EP

"Reign Drops" is RazorKingz' debut EP and is a joint release between Royal Industries and Paraletic Universe Records. Recorded and mixed by DJ Sokol, mastered by Tom S. Ray.

All beats produced by Tank, all cuts by DJ Zeeny and lyrics by Boomstick, Lego, Chattabox and Spitfire (Essex), artwork by Chris Torres for Dojo Design Studio.

RazorKingz are currently working on debut album "Throne To The Wolves" which will be released early 2014. "Reign Drops" is a FREE DOWNLOAD!! Just enter 0.00 at the checkout. We hope you enjoy the EP as much as we did making it, thanks for your continued support.

BDice - Poundcake (5am)

Matter & Jack Danz - Greasy Spoon Rendezvous

"Arrive early to catch the early bird special. Don't forget the briefcase."

If you have been to a rendezvous before then you will know what to expect (maybe), if you have not then you are in for a new treat. Hosted by Vodka Glock, this encounter will be provocative to some and as natural as blowing smoke to others (read that how you will). The meeting could bring you riches beyond your wildest dreams, but this collateral is not taken without cost and you will be asking yourself some questions far beyond the regular reach of passing conversation. These characters will get into your head and assess the value of your attention span as a trading stock, but not without leaving the trace of their warped creativity on your sensory receptors.

This operation started by Matter and Jack Danz has been in development at various locations across Leeds since the end of January 2013 and is set to launch this week.
With regards to the execution of the project, the team have done their research from the ground up in terms of source materials to the final touches in sensory aesthetic design. Both organic and synthesised elements are mixed together in strict discipline and to great extent by Jack Danz in the Hive.

But you will never know If you don't make your appointment so I will only say it once more...


Follow us on twitter:

@mattalogic @dhalsimboogie @vodkaglock @djsirplusuk @joesnowds @psolja @mrark @imkilenm @williamxwilson @chrisbromcam @williamjchild

Dirty Dike - New Street (Music Video)


Earl Sweatshirt Ft Vince Staples & Casey Veggies - Hive (Music Video)

Hood Kings - CanCannon ft. Nutkaze & Menace OBEZ (Prod. by Axis360) (Youtube Audio)

The Palmer Squares x Umphrey's McGee - The Plot Thickens (Music Video)

Duzzo Dave & GRANATA - Gold Phi$hing (Music Video)

Shabaam Sahdeeq Ft Skyzoo & FT - The Come Back Kid (Music Video)

Dope Fantasy - Real Hip Hop (Music Video)

#LAAB on Location: Seattle - Sadistik - Snow White

Cyrano Sinatra - We Came To Win (Music Video)

Famoso - HardTimes (Music Video)

Rag N Bone Man & Leaf Dog - Whatever's Left (Music Video)

Soul Khan - Rusted Ghosts (Music Video)

Gensu Dean & Planet Asia - Bar Mitzvah (Music Video)

DUS - Casino Ft Roc Marciano (Cuts By Dj Kwestion) (Single)

FUGITIVE 9 - My Own Private Idaho (Music Video))

Zach Armand - City By The Sea (Music Video)

Sterling Duns Ft Rich Banks - PHL (Music Video)

Rediculous Ft Aarophat - Chainsaw Chatter (Single)

They say Hip Hop is something you live, not something you do. Rediculus, born Todd Dahn, is the perfect example of that saying. Born in the early '70s, he has lived with hip-hop in his blood his whole life. Through his talent he now brings it to life in his tracks, which are steadily building up steam and popularity and the rebirth of "real hip-hop".

2013 has started off with a bang, seeing Rediculus release two smash singles; 'Off the Turnbuckles' feat J57, Venoumous2000, Fdot1 and El Gant and 'Lets Go' feat. FDot1 and put out his first of many instrumental projects, Dirty Concrete, presented by There's also a few singles with Red Pill on the horizon, and projects with Nutso, Ruste Juxx, Verbal Kent, The Day Laborers, Big Dutty Deeze, Pat Starr, Rich Malone and more instrumental projects.

S.Gold - Timeless (Music Video)

Joe Stu - Gorilla (Music Video)

Aidan Moore - Thinking (Music Video)

Mr Miyagi - Random P (Music Video)

JMega The God (True Masterz) - Lightz Out (Music Video)

Ugly Heroes - Hero's Theme || Apollo Brown, Verbal Kent, Red Pill (Music Video)

Akala - Malcolm Said It (Music Video)

Dan Bull - Devil May Cry Rap (Music Video)

Blaktrix - The Classics Series Part 2

Gensu Dean & Planet Asia - Faces On The Dollar (Music Video)

Marchitect & DR Drumah - World Wide Vibe

Yaheard Records presents World Wide Vibe the new collaboration album between Marchitect (from The 49ers) and Brazilian producer Dr. Drumah. The album features the lead single and video "Pump Up The Volume", the latest video "World Wide Vibe" as well as a guest appearance from The 49ers' Jas Mace. Dr. Drumah's jazzy production with crisp snares and kicks, compliments Marchitect's smooth baritone flow. The 6 song Ep, is available through Yaheard Records, as fans can name their own price.

Marchitect's career started in 1993 as a child performer, and his debut 12' "Dead in Your Tracks" now trades with collectors for hundreds of dollars a copy. His group The 49ers have enjoyed the success of a #1 on Itunes for their collaboration with the Re:Plus song "Imagine", and have sold over 1 million copies in the territory of Japan alone. From SXSW to New York's S.O.B.S, Marchitect has shared stages with everyone from Wiz Khalifa, to Kool Keith, to the Brand New Heavies.

"World Wide Vibe is an Ep we crafted for people who love the musical aspect of Hip-Hop, and enjoy clever sharp lyrics on top of the production" said Marchitect.


Revolutionary Rhythm - Became (Music Video)

Rediculous - Dirty Concrete (Instrumentals)

Respected Chicago producer Rediculus has really been creating a name for himself on both sides of the Atlantic with a strong fan base in the USA and Europe and he gets ready to unless a barrage of excellent projects, we get this instrumental project. If you are an artist looking for production please contact Rediculus at the details below.

Rediculus - Dirty Concrete (Track-listing)

1. Highroad 02:19
2. Taking Time 03:34
3. Underground Remix (Instrumental) 02:58
4. Lemonade Stand 03:37
5. DeeLow 03:50
6. Sunrise at Dusk 02:57
7. Its Like That 03:32

For production inquires please email
Follow on Twitter @Rediculus @KGB_Productions

Kuroisoul & Kinetik | Hip Hop Is Forever

Hip Hop has exploded into a worldwide cultural phenomenon. From Los Angeles to Lagos; from Berlin to Bombay or from Tokyo to Toronto; there is no part of the Earth where Hip Hop cannot be felt and experienced. The universal reach of Hip Hop culture combined with constantly evolving technology are the reasons why this album is even possible.

After meeting each other on an online message board in 2009, Kuroisoul & Kinetik began collaborating through e-mail and the power of the internet. What followed were a series of collaborations that hinted at an intangible musical kinship that was begging to be explored further. Fast forward to September 2012; Kinetik is invited from London to California for two weeks to begin working with Kuroisoul in person on Bass & Format's first official release. The subsequent studio sessions ended in a 10 track album called Hip Hop Is Forever; a loving ode to the music and culture that initially linked the two together. Kuroisoul's beats epitomize the sun soaked sandy shores of his native Californian environment whilst Kinetik's rhymes reflect the cold, gritty, concrete cased landscapes of London.

Most importantly, Hip Hop Is Forever employs the tried and tested formula of one emcee and one producer; the same principle that has given birth to numerous classic Hip Hop albums over the years. In the same spirit of dynamic duos such as Gang Starr, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, Reflection Eternal and Blu & Exile; Hip Hop Is Forever is truly the meeting of two minds pushing each other and hoping to stake a claim in Hip Hop history.

You can purchase the album on:

or stream below and download on Bandcamp.

Connect with Kuriosoul and Kinetik:

Tremayne - Ascension

Soloman Gehazi - Street Gospel (Mixtape)

Soloman Gehazi is an up & coming rapper from Wolverhampton, UK who has just dropped his brand new twenty track free download entitled 'Street Gospel Mixtape'. Already getting championed by some of the leading blogs in the UK, this explosive release is a must for any Boom Bap underground Hip-Hop fan. Featuring production from Divine Arkatek, Beat Busta & D7 and features from Webster, D7, Jae Sosa, The Praying Mantis, Too Classical, Radical and many more, this is a project you need to get up. This is real Hip-Hop music for real heads.

Born and raised in Wolverhampton, Soloman Gehazi has been crafting his art since his early teens being brought up in a multi-racial family; he draws from real life experiences while always remaining conscious and positive in his songs. He was instantly hooked on Hip-Hop after being introduced to it at the age of eleven when he started listening to Cypress Hill, Busta Rhymes, 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G and many more. As he matured he found peace when he found God and a few years ago started to record music with a more spiritual & uplifting vibe.

In 2012 he created a buzz with his album 'Knowledge Lessons' which led to him hooking up with D7, a producer & rapper from South London. The two got their heads together and they decided to start independent record label Remnant Muzic. Since then he has dropped three music videos, featured on releases from D7, Matt D, Shugmonkey and more, as well as working with various producers from the UK and overseas. There is no doubting with sharp punchlines, excellent delivery, precision flows, positive messages and vibrations, there is no stopping Soloman Gehazi. Its time you got to know!


Handles - M.ind O.ver M.atter (Music Video)

De La Soul Ft The Spirit Of Wu Tang - Get Away (Music Video)

Rob Pat Ft Eric Unmei - System Error (Music Video)

Mystro - That Rush (Music Video)

Aidan Moore - Dreams (Music Video)

Charron - Smoking Crack With Rob Ford (Music Video)

BlaccOut Garrison - Ventilation (Music Video)

Rag N Bone Man & Leaf Dog - Whatever's Left (Music Video)

Nametag & Nameless ft Chell - The Teacher (Music Video)

1997 Footage of DJ Tony Touch and Kool G Rap at the Wakeup Show

Shabaam Sahdeeq - Off The Leash Ft Mic Handz (Music Video)

Raz Simone - Kids Throw Rocks (Music Video)

Uptown XO - Everyday (Animated Video)

Baileys Brown - Eyes Speak Louder Than Words

18-track album from Baileys Brown featuring a large range of artists from Bristol and all over the UK. Featuring: DGreen, Datkid, Paro, Flying monk, Kali Mist, Koast, Redskin, Dash Vilz, Ramson Badbonez, Mackie Skillz, Jay Wilcox, C-Strikez, Upront MC, Prime, Leafdog, Krazy, Hozay, Lowdose, Sonny Jim, Confusion. Sirplus & Dirty Dike.

Download/Stream at the bottom of the post.

1. Breathe in ft DGreen, Datkid & Paro
2. Badabass ft Bil Next, Paro, Prime & Flying Monk
3. Million Dollars ft Leaf Dog & Krazy
4. Greco Style ft Datkid, Krazy, C-Strikez, Koast, Confusion & DGreen
5. Wrapt Around ft Upfront MC 0
6. Cos I'm Dope ft Hozay
7. Eternal Sunshine ft Lowdose & Sonny Jim
8. Makes No Difference ft DGreen
9. Badman Ting ft DGreen, Confusion & Prime
10. Music Motivation ft Flying Monk & Kali Mist
11. My Life ft Koast, Redskin & Dash Villz
12. Somewhere Else ft Ramson Badbones
13. Slags ft Upfront Mc & Datkid
14. Watching My Steps ft Noodlez, Lowdose & Kali Mist
15. Tower Block ft SirPlus & Kali Mist
16. Super Heroes ft Bil Next, DGreen & Mackie Skillz
17. Let Her Go ft DGreen & Jay Wilcox
18.Shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusshhh!!! ft Dirty Dike, Upfront MC & Datkid

Dead Ott - Dead To The World E.P.

10 years after his debut solo release, Dead Ott is back in 2013. Dead To The World E.P is the first of a trilogy of free releases from Dead Ott, one half of UK hip hop collective Styxmen. This E.P is fully produced by D-O, and is mainly a solo affair. The other half of Styxmen, Prophit, joins D-O on 'Back Again', while 'Show Me The Way' features the vocal talents of a well known Oxford songstress going under the alias of Little Girl. All the tracks were produced at Flow Po Row during 2011-12 and recorded with UK legend Chemo at Kilamanjaro Studios in March 2013.

Download The E.P. Here

The next E.P will feature beats from Dead Ott's favourite producers including Chemo, Runone, Prophit, White Key and more.....

One half of Styxmen, Dead Ott is an MC and producer from Oxford, UK. Been rapping and making tunes for 10 years now, making our own brand of UK hip hop. Styxmen's long awaiting album 'Styx & Bones' was released in 2013, followed by Dead Ott's follow up to his classic 2004 solo album 'Stories From The Frontline' which is now available for free download. More music from Sprout & Grow Productions coming soon...

For more Dead Ott and Styxmen music, news and free downloads check out:

Don't Flop - Innuendo - Mirror Battle

The welcome return of Innuendo to the Dont Flop lineup. A very funny and personal re introduction here, enjoy.

Gasp & Physiks - Drinkin Hand (Music Video)

Gasp + Physiks - Drinkin' Hand
Produced by Konchis
New album coming soon...

Video by TDSLR Photography

Ill Bill - World Premier (Produced By DJ Premier) Music Video

Order "The Grimy Awards" CD/DVD now at or on iTunes: - ILL BILL - WORLD PREMIER (Produced by DJ PREMIER) - Video Concept & Direction by ILL BILL - Produced & Edited by NO/FI - ILL BILL's latest solo LP, "The Grimy Awards", IN STORES NOW, featuring HR of Bad Brains, A-Trak, El-P, Jedi Mind Tricks, OC, Cormega, Meyhem Lauren, Q-Unique, Shabazz the Disciple & Lil Fame of M.O.P. + production by DJ Premier, DJ Muggs, Pete Rock, Large Professor, Beatnuts, El-P, Ayatollah, MoSS & ILL BILL himself

TeamBackpack Cypher | Chase Moore, Okwerdz, Illmaculate | Prod. by Hippie Sabotage

Ruste Juxx & The Arcitype "Stand Strong" feat. Sarah Miller (Music Video)

New visuals from Ruste Juxx & The Arcitype's 15-track 'V.I.C' album out now on AR Classic Records/Duck Down Music Inc.

Purchase the Deluxe Version at iTunes:

Directed by Hi-Lite Reel Boston

Demigodz - Dead In The Middle (Music Video)

Available for pre-order NOW
"Dead In The Middle" (Ryu, Celph Titled, Apathy)
Produced by Apathy
From the forthcoming
Video by Wicked Woods Studios
Directed & edited by "Open" Mike & Greg LaRose

Silvertongue Freestyle @ The Jam House

Silvertongue from Scotland is definetely on the top of the freestyle game.


The leader of MC Battle culture does it again with another dope cypher featuring Bill Collector(PA) , RAIN (NC) and Swave Sevah and Goodz representing New York City. To see more cyphers and the worlds biggest MC Battles log on to & and follow us @URLTV

Watsky - Moral Of The Story (Music Video)

Tour tickets on sale now!
iTunes link:
album presale:

Steel Wool Media:

Directed by George Watsky
Produced by Bradford Simpson
Director of Photography- Alan Gwizdowski
Choreographer- Marina Magalhaes
Production Designer-  Natalie Groce
Jib Operator- Ryan Elliot
Art Assistant- Emily Grant
First AD- Kyle Morrison
First AC- Frank Mobilio
Lighting Design-  Phil Galler
Stylist-  Melissa Perelli
Gaffer- Luke Hanlein
2nd AD- Ted Marsden
Key Grip- Jared Wennberg
Lighting Tech- Scott Back

Lillian Ortega
Lauren Gould
Amber Cartwright
Allison Gray
George Anzaldo
Cesar Garfiaz
Harry Weston
Steve Flores
Maisha Morris-Reyes
Brandon Juezan-Williams

Cruger - V.I.G (Music Video)

Spider Jaroo Ft Bill Sykes & Assa - Infected Kids (Music Video)

Produced by Pro P. Filmed by SPS Media.
Pre order the Album now here:
Follow on twitter: @spiderjaroo @nsrallday @bill_sykes




ILL BILL - EXPLODING OCTOPUS (Produced by ILL BILL) - Directed by: SCI for Scientific Lens Productions - ILL BILL's latest solo LP, "THE GRIMY AWARDS" CD/DVD, hits stores February 26th, 2013, featuring HR of Bad Brains, A-Trak, El-P, Jedi Mind Tricks, OC, Cormega, Meyhem Lauren, Q-Unique, Shabazz the Disciple & Lil Fame of M.O.P. + production by DJ Premier, DJ Muggs, Pete Rock, Large Professor, Beatnuts, El-P, Ayatollah, MoSS & ILL BILL himself

Spliff Hemingway - Mr Hemingway (Prod by Duke Westlake) (Music Video)

Meet Spliff Hemingway, local westsider who's about to release a collaborative project with the homey Duke Westlake. Here's one of the tracks that'll be on Water the LP.

Directed by Grady Shon

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SB.TV - Black The Ripper - Married To Marijuana [Animated Video]

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Dirty Dike - Plenty More Piss In The Toilet (Prod. Mr Boss)


'Plenty More Piss In The Toilet' lifted from Dirty Dike's new EP 'The Sloshpot EP' produced by Mr Boss featuring Ronnie Bosh, Jam Baxter & DJ Sammy B-Side. The project is out now on High Focus Records and is available on CD, Digital & Limited edition vinyl.

Blu + R.A. The Rugged Man + Tristate - Thelonius King

Pre-order 7" vinyl here: The artists behind three of the most anticipated albums coming this year on Nature Sounds join forces for the posse cut "Thelonius King". Limited edition 7-inch vinyl of "Thelonius King" coming in time for Record Store Day this April, check out the info on all three albums below.

Durag Dynasty "360 Waves" - March 16th
Blu - "NoYork" (Deluxe Edition) - March 26th
R.A. The Rugged Man "Legends Never Die" - April 2013

Video directed by Nicolas Heller
Animation by Ruff Mercy

Caucasian - Boom Bap Blueprint (Music Video)

Purchase on iTunes here:

Full length album "Diggin' The Shelf" coming soon! Stay updated, visit:

BILL SYKES - Where Are You (HD Official Video)

BILL SYKES of TNC - The Natural Curriculum

ALBUM OUT NOW!...... Can be bought from any of the following links.
Produced by Chalk of TNC...

Directed and cut by
Scott Hallows(STANdbY FILMS)
Additional filmer Lawrence Badger

A.C. - Respect (Produced By Ryujin) (Music Video)

AC's new video of his song 'Respect' from his critically acclaimed 'End of Times' EP with producer Ryujin. FREE DOWNLOAD from

and check out ac's clothing label

Westwood "Old Skool" KRS-One Freestyle

Westwood has been killin it lately with some Old Skool vid here is the latest with the teacher.

Dirty Dike - Consquences (Music Video)


Video for the first single 'Consequences' lifted from Dirty Dike's new EP 'The Sloshpot EP' produced by Mr Boss featuring Ronnie Bosh, Jam Baxter & DJ Sammy B-Side. The project is out now on High Focus Records and is available on CD, Digital & Limited edition vinyl.

Cuts By DJ Sammy B-Side
Produced by Mr Boss
Video by Harry Wheeler

Atmosphere - Millenium Dodo 1 & 2 (Music Video)

 Buy The Family Sign on iTunes:
or at Fifth Element:

Directed by @Jake_Handegard -

On the Welcome To Minnesota Tour this March:
03.01.13 - Bemidji, MN @ Sanford Center
03.02.13 - Duluth, MN @ Clyde Iron Works (SOLD OUT)
03.03.13 - St. Cloud, MN @ Red Carpet (SOLD OUT)
03.04.13 - Mankato, MN @ Verizon Wireless Center
03.05.13 - Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue (SOLD OUT)

Connect with Rhymesayers:

Watsky - Strong As An Oak (Music Video)

STRONG AS AN OAK iTunes link:




Director: Jackson Adams -
Director of Photography: Alan Gwizdowski -
Production Designer: Natalie Groce

Producer: Cara McKeown
Executive Producer: Brad Simpson

1st Assistant Director: Kyle Musselman

Steadycam Operator: Dean Smollar
Assistant Camera: Frank Mobillio
Gaffer: Alex Lizotte

Editor: Joe Shahood

Produced by Kush Mody
Trumpet- Max Miller-Loran/ Buckets- Chukwudi Hodge/ Acoustic guitar- Brandon Intelligator/ Bells and Harmonica- George Watsky
Engineered and co-produced by Nils Montan
Mixed and Mastered by Mike Denten at Infinite Studios

Slaine - 'Speed' (Feat. Checkmark, Termanology, Lü Balz) from "The Boston Project"

Slaine's new record, "The Boston Project" coming March 2013.

Including the song 'Speed' (Feat. Checkmark, Termanology, Lü Balz)
Produced by: Lü Balz

More info to come. Stay tuned...

Kyle Rapps & Action Bronson - Get It In (Music Video)

Split Prophets 84 Cypher

RLD TV - Tommy Dockerz