@lokiscottishrap - Government Issue Music Protest (Review)

Loki for those that don't know, is an MC/Activist based in Glasgow, known for being one of the finest Orators in Scotland. Not only does he have knowledge in the skill needed to be an above average rapper, he also possesses the skills of being a great public speaker, tones of comedy and dark subject matter whenever he feels like he wants to throw them in. Not afraid of talking about his life experiences either. Which is a respectable bullet point to his entertaining persona. Today i have in my possession Loki's latest project - G.I.M.P. (Government Issue Music Protest).

The story is based around a futuristic Scottish Dystopia, Scotland 2035 has been morphed into a mega-city called "New Glasgow". The Professional class are housed in grandiose towers and the poor are stuck on the streets. The government have released genetically modified wasps into "New Glasgow" after the extinction of Bee's. These Wasp's sting the public and takes away their belief systems. All this due to the outcome of the recent Scottish Referendum. That's a basic outline of the story for you.

The tracks on the album are all based on questioning the way your living, with comical puns and the dark matter we know Loki for. My favourite tracks are "THE END". This one shows Loki in "Terrorist" mode showing his action man activism side. Great start to the album.

"THE UNIMPORTANCE OF BEING IDLE" - WOW, This is heavy, lotsa great flows in this and shows off Loki's skill in shades.

This album is one of the best projects i have heard from Scotland in the past few years, and is gonna be hard to beat.

Available for the public on November 5th.

You can Pre order HERE

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