Snow - A Weegie...Bored (Album) (Free Download)

Once upon a time their was a Glaswegian Rapper called Snow who got that bored he thought "ach to hell with it, I'll give them something for their listening pleasure." Then wrapped his microphone around his throat and leaped from his bedroom chair on the release date. Happy Halloween!

This is a truly exciting release, You really have to go and support this mans music.

Enough of the shit talking.  You can stream my favourite track below. Or download the full release for free HERE.

Snow is on the second verse, incredible flow that puts some of out favourite emcee's to shame.

Flabz, J Matrix, Mr 13 & Dr Psycho - Halloween (Music Video)

Spectac & Amiri Feat Najee - I Grew Up (Music Video)

Suspect Ft Adlib - Pull Us Over (Music Video)

Charron - 5AM In Ottawa (Music Video)

Reel Wolf Presents "The Underworld" W/ Vinnie Paz, Tech N9ne, Ill Bill, Slaine, Bizarre, Reef Tha Louse Cause, Celph Titled, King Gordy, SID, The Goondox, Apathy & Swifty Mcvay (Music Video)

Gi3mo - Sultan (Music Video)

Kosha Dillz Backstage with Matisyahu & A$AP Rocky

Vinny Virgo - PsychoDALic (Music Video)

Chox-Mak - No Weapons (Music Video)

Step Brothers (Alchemist & Evidence) ‘Lord Steppington’ Album Art & Track List

Alchemist and Evidence are brothers from another mother. The pair have performed as a duo for a few years now and are finally releasing the joint project, Lord Steppington through Rhymesayers Entertainment at the first of the year. The LP will be produced entirely by Alc and Evidence and includes guest appearances from Action Bronson, Roc Marciano, Blu, Fashawn, Rakaa Iriscience, Oh No, Styles P, Domo Genesis & The Whooliganz. Check out the track list for Lord Steppington, below. Also peep the Step Brothers track “Ron Carter” after the jump. The album will hits stores and iTunes January 21. But in the meantime, you can wait for the pre-order that will be available on November 19.

1.) “More Wins”
2.) “Dr. Kimble”
3.) “Byron G” f/ Domo Genesis & The Whooliganz (produced by Evidence)
4.) “Legendary Mesh”
5.) “No Hesitation” f/ Styles P
6.) “Swimteam Rastas”
7.) “Mums In The Garage” f/ Action Bronson
8.) “See The Rich Man Play” f/ Roc Marciano
9.) “Banging Sound” f/ Fashawn
10.) “Step Masters”
11.) “Tomorrow” f/ Rakka Iriscience & Blu
12.) “Draw Something” f/ Oh No
13.) “Buzzing Away”
14.) “Just Step”

Besque - Make Believe (Music Video)

Lunar C freestyle with DJ MK & Shortee Blitz

Jamal Science - Simply Amazing (Music Video) Prod By Panik

Angelo Mota - Jersey/Mexico (Single)

This mans name is Angelo Mota and is 18 years old from West Orange, New Jersey. He has just (very) recently released his debut single called "jersey/mexico". This song is supposed to show him struggling to keep his individuality in a world of conformists, and his confrontations with different vices. He has been rapping for 5 years now. The track was produced by Raphael Ramosch and the session was engineered/mixed/mastered by Jasmine Henry at WPU Studios. Artwork, was done by Rahj Royce.

Joe Cool & Rodney Cole - Deep Cover 2k14 (Music Video)

VSTHEREAL - Onslaught (Music Video)

Silibil N Brains - Eat Your Brains (Music Video)

Gavlyn - Guilty Please (Music Video)

Cappo - Thousand Word Exodus // 12"

Blunted Astronaut is proud to represent the UK once again with none other than the Grand Imperial Cappo, AKA Iron Condor, AKA Gusto Grizwold.

"Thousand Word Exodus"
Format: 12" Vinyl

Hailing from Nottingham, Cappo is a writer, performer and producer with experience spanning two decades.
This, our 20th release, sees the Iron Condor take flight over some left-field beats by North London recluse and audiophile, DJ Drinks.

Title track "Thousand Word Exodus" sees Cappo return to his underground lyrical roots over a dark piano and inspired drum programming. We're pleased to add the instrumental and acapella tracks available only on the 12" format.

The B-side throws up 2 further gems with "Yield Of Labour", a continuation of themes first explored on P Brother's 2001 release "Elysium Fields" and finally "Dean's List" knocks all your teeth out with full clip deliveries and a sub guaranteed to rattle even the most ardent soundsystem.

All tracks programmed on E-mu Systems SP1200 and Emax and recorded to BASF 468 Master Tape.
Limited to 300 copies with superb packaging courtesy of illustrator Snooze and design maverick Mr. Krum.

Preview & Buy Here


Side A:
1. Thousand Word Exodus (Vocal)

2. Thousand Word Exodus (Instrumental)

3. Thousand Word Exodus (Acappella)

Side B:
1. Yield Of Labour - Elysian Fields Part Two (Vocal)

2. Dean's List (Vocal)

Limited to 300 copies.



Marco Polo Feat Organized Konfusion - 3-0-Clock (Music Video)

R-Mean - Lost Angels ft. The Game and Marka (Music Video)

Centric - Ignorant Feat.Jeanius & Sadat X (Prod.Trife)

The first single off of Why Not? is a boom-bap laced track (distributed by Universal Motown Records) entitled “Ignorant” featuring fellow Free At Last Music label-mate JEAN1US and SADAT X of the legendary hip-hop group Brand Nubian and is produced by TRIFE (another emcee/producer also on Free At Last, the label Centric created). Each emcee on “Ignorant” tackles the word from a different perspective. Sadat’s verse blasts rappers for thinking and acting “ignorant”; Jeanius’ verse is designed to wake up other rappers and the public in general who may be sleeping on (i.e. “ignorant” to) what Free At Last is doing musically and Centric kicks a straight “ignorant” verse with a deeper meaning once it is broken down.

After being the man behind so much great music, (including Cyrano Sinatra, one of hip-hops most known unknown veteran rhymesayers) Centric looks forward to his official introduction to hip-hop as a bonafide emcee with Why Not? He plans to exhibit his deep hip-hop roots and leave his mark on the game. “Always come home,” says Centric. “No matter what happens in your life… No matter what avenue you try out… home is who you are. Hip-hop is my home… it’s where I’m most comfortable.”


RazorKingz - Reign Drops EP

"Reign Drops" is RazorKingz' debut EP and is a joint release between Royal Industries and Paraletic Universe Records. Recorded and mixed by DJ Sokol, mastered by Tom S. Ray.

All beats produced by Tank, all cuts by DJ Zeeny and lyrics by Boomstick, Lego, Chattabox and Spitfire (Essex), artwork by Chris Torres for Dojo Design Studio.

RazorKingz are currently working on debut album "Throne To The Wolves" which will be released early 2014. "Reign Drops" is a FREE DOWNLOAD!! Just enter 0.00 at the checkout. We hope you enjoy the EP as much as we did making it, thanks for your continued support.

BDice - Poundcake (5am)

Matter & Jack Danz - Greasy Spoon Rendezvous

"Arrive early to catch the early bird special. Don't forget the briefcase."

If you have been to a rendezvous before then you will know what to expect (maybe), if you have not then you are in for a new treat. Hosted by Vodka Glock, this encounter will be provocative to some and as natural as blowing smoke to others (read that how you will). The meeting could bring you riches beyond your wildest dreams, but this collateral is not taken without cost and you will be asking yourself some questions far beyond the regular reach of passing conversation. These characters will get into your head and assess the value of your attention span as a trading stock, but not without leaving the trace of their warped creativity on your sensory receptors.

This operation started by Matter and Jack Danz has been in development at various locations across Leeds since the end of January 2013 and is set to launch this week.
With regards to the execution of the project, the team have done their research from the ground up in terms of source materials to the final touches in sensory aesthetic design. Both organic and synthesised elements are mixed together in strict discipline and to great extent by Jack Danz in the Hive.

But you will never know If you don't make your appointment so I will only say it once more...


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