@charronkotd Ft @SwishaT_ & @johnnybrahvo - Left Lane Anthem (Music Video)

MURDERED: SOUL SUSPECT RAP | @itsDanBull (Music Video)

@TheCypherEffect - @CzarVanGogh / @WardUWS / @GothamHeights / @ciphurphace / @jakepalumbo

@abbott_brown - Vital Organ (Music Video)

@ShabaamSahdeeq - Darkness Ft @ElGant @mastaace @RasKass & @PAWZ1 (Produced By @jakepalumbo) (Single)

SpaceLAB Recordings / 22 Ventures / Marvial Entertainment Presents:

"Darkness" - brand new promotional street single by Shabaam Sahdeeq featuring El Gant, Ras Kas, Masta Ace & Pawz One, available for free download or donation at "Name Your Own Price" via the SpaceLAB Recordings Bandcamp store, right on time for the 2014 Hip-Hop Kemp Festival in Czech Republic.

Courtesy of 22 Ventures Ent., & the artists themselves, all proceeds donated at "Name Your Own Price" via the SpaceLAB Bandcamp store will be donated directly to the Recovery Fund for Lisa Vick, mother of the songs' producer Jake Palumbo. Ms. Vick was diagnosed early this summer with an aggressive form of breast cancer, as well as the rare blood disease Hemochromatosis. She has recently underwent a double mastectomy surgery, & will begin aggressive chemotherapy this month to begin the long road to becoming cancer-free. Needless to say, medical bills shall begin piling up quickly, & any contributions to the fight no matter how small are valued.

Mama Palumbo sends her love, thanks & support to the hip-hop community for all the emails, Facebook messages & even donations she has received from fans, rappers & the community alike. Get well messages may be sent to bluebug59@gmail.com

For more information on how you can help with the fight against Breast Cancer please visit www.bcrfcure.org or www.cancercare.org

@cudabrownF9 (Interview)

You can find all music from him and the Fugitive 9 crew below:





Also check out our boy Cab Beats that supplied the background instrumentals.


System Of Control - The Town Featuring Gard Feez, Big Al & Ciaran Mac Prod by CabBeats (Single)

System of control are a Scottish rap duo currently signed to the independent record label Powercut Productions.

The duo are made up of Hamilton Producer Cab Beats and Ayrshire Rapper Hazey Jay.

This is their latest single featuring 3 Emcee's also based in Scotland. Gard Feez, Big Al & Ciaran Mac.

Stream Below.

@Signif - Play 2 Win Ft @ELZHI (Produced By @jbmbeatz (Single)

Milwaukee-bred, NYC-based emcee Signif presents the “Play 2 Win”, her new single featuring Detroit rapper Elzhi. Produced by JBM Beatz, "Play 2 Win" is the newest single from her forthcoming album Friction, set to feature Sadat X, Aldrick, and Genesis Renji as well as production from Skeff Anselm, Fate, DJ Puerto Roc, Radio Raheim, and Tay Lee. Signif describes "Play 2 Win" as "Elzhi and myself reflecting on the social ills of our surroundings and how it's so easy to get caught up in the wrong situations in life. It takes much effort to pull away from most social norms while having a positive outlook on life. We reached out to Elzhi’s camp and he was down to do the track after listening to some of my music, it's definitely a honor to be on a track with El." Friction drops September 9 on Intelligent Dummies. Pre Order The Album Here.

@DinoCircle - Trashcan Jazz [Official Music Video] Produced By @AlexNejera

@SageFrancis - Make Em Purr (Music Video)

@187DOCUMENTS - Free Hostage (Music Video)

@MadChild57 - Junior - Produced by @BeatsByAspect (Single)

@MAYDAYMUSIC x @MURS - My Own Parade - Official Music Video

@gwatsky - Bet Against Me [All You Can Do] (Music Video)

@mrfliptrix - Praise The Sun Feat. @RagNboneManuk (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (Prod. Molotov)

@PYRAMIDVRITRA - 224 feat. @HueyBriss (Music Video) @stonesthrow

@EDDIEBHIPHOP "Anywhere it Takes Me" Prod by @HarryFraud (Official Music Video)

@wulock ft @Raekwon, @KillahPriest & Armageddon - Wulocks (Prod by @Snowgoons)

@sleep2mancypher - I Shot Lincoln ft. Kue The Vandal (Music Video)

@wulock - Never Die (Prod by @Snowgoons) OFFICIAL VIDEO

@GIBBOHGR - Green Tea (Music Video)

@RAtheRuggedMan - New Rhyme Contest

@RahimSamad - Have Discipline (Produced By @MarcussssKing) (Music Video)

@gitbeats X @apexonline - Underground Ft @ghosty58s (Single)

BBE/Usedwax Records producer Git Beats aka Git from Staten Island, NY
and Pittsburgh, PA artist Aris (of Apex) along side feat. Ghosty (of The 58s) return with their 1st Single off there up and coming EP project to be released this fall on Usedwax Records.

Follow Them on Twitter: @gitbeats @apexonline @ghosty58s

@yUthe78er - Never Burning Out (Produced By @DrewliusDave) (Single)

This song will be featured on an upcoming EP from Drew Dave called "Sumthin Slight". Perspectively speaking.. What if I could get close enough to exchange in conversation with the brightest, most seasoned & experienced "star" in our realm, the Sun(or Amen-Ra), who in convo, would tell of some of the things its seen throughout the many trips around this universe. And after comparing, both the sun & I, realize that "the main thing we have in common, in our heart there's a fire, never burning out".

*I dedicate this song to my father, Michael Willingham Sr., who just passed on Fathers Day. The song kinda reminds me of how he'd break things down to me. Of how he didn't exactly understand my world, being 18 years older than I, but by principle, we still found things that we could relate on. As people, we all are different, but still very similar when u get to the root of things.


@audibledoctor - Leave Me Alone Ft @thatsimpsonguy (Single)

The third single off The Audible Doctor's "Can't Keep The People Waiting" EP. The track is produced by The Audible Doctor and features Guilty Simpson rapping alongside Doc.

Purchase the track here: http://store.audibledoctor.com/track/leave-me-alone-feat-guilty-simpson

@OfficialDeLaVie87 - Gold Cloaks Ft DJ Ill C (Music Video)

@NinoBless "This Song Might Get Me Killed" (Music Video)

Nino Bless "This Song Might Get Me Killed"

Producer: Scottzilla

Off Nino upcoming project "Illuminati Reject", dropping August 26th.

@UglyHeroes EP @MelloMusicGroup

After Ugly Heroes' 2013 classic self titled LP, Apollo Brown, Verbal Kent and Red Pill are back again with a new EP coming out August 19th. The new EP features five new songs (including a Murs feature) and 5 bonus track b-sides. Ugly Heroes will also being touring Europe for a few weeks this August, starting with the legendary Hip-Hop Kemp Festival before hitting London and a number of other spots (all the dates will soon be up on the MMG Event Calendar). The new EP will first be available digitally with a vinyl edition to follow late in the year. Original artwork by illustrator Paul Grelet.

Bigg Taj & Spee 69 - Cherry Pie (Single) (Review)

I have to admit, I'm always really reluctant to put together reviews as i feel that music should speak for itself. And the whole reason for this blog is me posting stuff i like anyway. But when approached by 2 of the tallest men on the universe to review their single due out soon, i always feel i should just do as i'm told as they may kill me (Quite easily, with almost no effort put in). First off, i'm a sucker for a Bigg Taj beat, usually Taj puts alot of Emphasis onto his own background and uses beats perhaps more representative of the culture he comes from and i love that shit. He has used a sample i have heard before on this, but i cannot for the life of me think what it is. And i will not place my inane thoughts out there to be corrected later. The beat is a soulful jazzy beast of a thing, and i fell immediately in love with it. Spee as a seasoned veteran of rap, kindly compliments the style of beat with his own style of MCing which features heavy punchlines and major emphasis on Similes aswell as dope Metaphorical work. Through the years Spee has always shown his knowledge in rapping and to be honest doesn't really get the respect or admiration he deserves, This track shows him off nicely, The faded out Chorus allows your ears a break from the repetitive nature of the chorus, which is satisfying and allows you to enjoy it more in my opinion. Overall the piece is great, but lacks a certain specialty to stand out from a crowd of tracks submitted to me everyday. Not taking anything away from the guys. It's great but not quite a repeat banger.

You can get the track as a Pre-Order on iTunes HERE

Dyslexia and Sik Sense - Habits (Album)

Dyslexia & Sik Sense return with their 3rd joint release and 1st full length album 'Habits'. After smashing the back doors off the underground with their first two EP's; (the jazz tinged "Enter Your Own Caption" and the futuristic ode to work "Employees of the Month"), Dys and Sik took a sharp left turn and wound up in a dusty, dank, fritzel-esque basement.

"Habits" introduces a much darker soundscape than previous work. Inspired by, and drawing from themes generally avoided in Hip-Hop; addiction, anxiety, disdain and malice are coupled with equal parts braggadocio, self-doubt and a love stain size smattering of self deporacating humour which leads you on a dizzying spiral into the minds of Dyslexia and Sik Sense. With features from Fugitive 9 kingpins; Cosmo TX, Cuda Brown, Moe Hendrix, Sintax 0 and Whyze Oner you are welcomed into the re-emerging pattern of habits with an awkward handshake and a tipped stetson.

This album will make you ask questions that we can not answer.


@iamDO Feat @DerekChristoff & @Aspektz - Old Habits (Single)

Toronto rapper and Northstarr label head D.O. (short for ‘Defy the Odds’) presents "Old Habits", his new Diz Dallas-produced single featuring D-Sisive and Aspektz. "Habits" appears on Home For The Summer, his new mixtape out now featuring D.O.'s groups Art of Fresh and The Busy Brothers. Behind the boards is DJ IV, multiple Stylus Award winner and Classified's official DJ. Features include Famous, JD Era, D-Sisive, Diz Dallas, Preetam Sengupta, and Robbie G with production coming from Statik Music, Jahronomo INC, Slakah the Beatchild, Tone Mason, and Natural Diggers. Home For The Summer is the followup to D.O.'s Down Home album (Soundcloud), which includes "Capture The Moonlight" featuring Joell Ortiz and Saukrates (listen) as well as videos for "I Live For This" (Youtube) and "Still In It" (Youtube). D.O. is the 2003 Guinness World Record holder for longest freestyle rap (Youtube), a regular public speaker with his own school tour program Stay Driven, a Toronto Independent Music Award nominee (for his 2007 album Northstarr), a #1 CMJ artist and regularly performs internationally, recently performing at the MIDEM conference in France and Sweden's Independent Music Awards in Stockholm. "I've been in ten countries so far this year," says D.O. "Since I was on the road so much, I wanted to come back home for the summer. Coming home is when you get a chance to connect with family and friends, its also a chance to get back in the booth. Whenever I step back in the studio its a chance for me to take my experiences from the road and put them on record."

@UglyHeroes - Michael & Scottie & Horace Prod By @ApolloBrown (Music Video) @MelloMusicGroup

@Thoughtsarizen & @akilthemc - Pressure (Music Video)

@Kontraban23 & @robdthewest - Street Stories (Music Video)

@lokiscottishrap - GIMP (Government Issue Music Protest)

Loki, real name Darren McGarvey, is a Glasgow-based writer, performer, community activist and journalist. Scotland's most high profile rap artist, he is a founding member of hip-hop collectives The Being and Toy Control, a critically acclaimed solo artist, and a veteran battle rapper.

Now, Loki presents his most ambitious project to date - G.I.M.P. (Government Issue Music Protest), an album detailing Loki's thoughts and fears about the impending Scottish referendum on independence, incorporating dystopian satire, impassioned polemic and his brutally frank analysis of Scottish class, poverty and politics. A multi-media, cross-platform event with elements of journalism, visual art, filmmaking and of course hip-hop, this is an album that demands to be experienced.

Pre-ordering your CD, here and now, is the ONLY way to hear G.I.M.P. in full. Available, in a limited edition of 200, via this Kickstarter campaign.


Scotland's hip-hop scene and beyond have already been set alight by Loki's video for lead single, The Obituary of Thomas Sheridan, which clocked more than 10,000 views in 24 hours of its release.

Black Lantern Music are proud to present G.I.M.P. in association with Loki. Get involved in the crowdfunding campaign, and you could be rewarded with exclusive Loki tracks, specially-produced art prints, and much more. All donations above £3 will get you a free EP of Loki tracks, delivered by download code, including 'The Death of Thomas Sheridan.' Donations above £8 act as a pre-order - you will receive the EP immediately via a download code, and you will receive your copy of G.I.M.P. before it hits the streets.


Loki's central role in the development and evolution of Scottish hip-hop cannot be understated, and his influence as a writer and performer can be felt wherever Scottish rap is found. Loki works across a variety of other platforms including broadcasting and theatre. Between 2004 and 2006 he wrote and presented 8 programs for BBC Radio Scotland which attempted to examine the root causes of anti social behavior and social deprivation. In 2012 he co-wrote the National Theatre Scotland production Jump. He has appeared as a commentator on STV's Newsnight and other programmes.

In 2009, Loki founded Volition Scotland, an organisation which attempts to put young people in charge of the services they use. Volition has a small premises in Ibrox where the young people designed and built a community recording studio. A firm believer in community action which benefits young people by empowering and ecouraging them to develop their talents independently, rather than following a leader or teacher, Loki's role as mentor and facilitator has resulted in a tight-knit and motivated group who can achieve real results on their own terms. Many people, including Sir Tom Hunter and First Minister Alex Salmond, have expressed support for Loki's work, which is noted for its potential to empower those on the margins of society.


“Whether rapping on the serious or launching into one of his side splittingly funny freestyles Loki is the all round emcee people dream of being." - The List Magazine

“Loki may be the first great Scottish Rapper, he’s got a hard Glasgow stare and a South-side brogue, raps like an elastic band snapping paperclips into the dark. With a suppleness that faulty recalls Nas or The Streets. Melancholy without being trite, honest without being sentimental. Heart breaking hip-hop that reveals 'Dry your eyes' for what it is: candy floss, soap opera, anachronism.” - The Skinny Magazine

“In our Restorative Justice Project we work with juveniles who have gotten in trouble with the law. Most of them are poor, many of them are involved with drugs or alcohol, and most turn to others close to their age for guidance (whether good or bad). Hip-hop is a language that can reach them. Loki's approach is solid and promising.” - T. Richard Snyder

“Loki is a local hero. Passionate, articulate, with his own, unique voice and a commitment to encouraging others to find their voice. We're lucky to have him in Scotland - this project and the guy himself deserve our vote.” - Janice Forsyth, BBC Scotland, TV and Radio presenter"

@gwatsky - All You Can Do ft. @jimettarose (Music Video)




Directed by Jackson Adams
Director of photography- Alan Gwizdowski
Edited by George Watsky
VFX- Galen Frazer

Featuring @Jimettarose
Produced by Anderson .Paak
Engineered by Nils Montan
Co-written by Vicky Nguyen
String arrangement by Kush Mody
Mixed by Justin Gerrish
Mastered by Joe LaPorta for Sterling Sound
Piano, synth, trumpet- Max Miller-Loran
Bass- Kelsey Gonzalez
Guitar- Jose Rios
String section- Violin 1: Rhea Fowler; Violin 2: Crystal Alforque; Viola: Matthew Witmer, Cello: Max Mueller

@dalocksmith - Your Loss Ft @aneshaisaplus (Music Video

@thejokerrmusic - Because I Can (Music Video)

FACEBOOK: http://www.Facebook.com/TheJokerr


ITUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/trail-destruction-chronicle/id779564530



All music written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by The Jokerr
Video Directed by The Jokerr
Filmed and edited by The Jokerr

The Jokerr isn't a rapper... He isn't a singer... He is an entertainer, and a master of music in all its forms! After months in the dark dungeon after the seemingly senseless betrayal of the mighty King Moriah, he is now FREE! Follow along with The Jokerr as his new journey begins!

READ the first chapter of the epic saga The Jokerr's Legacy here:


More chapters coming soon...


@mrfliptrix - Vultures (Music Video) @HighFocusUK @BearpitMedia

 Brand new Fliptrix single 'Vultures', lifted from his highly anticipated 5th solo album 'Polyhymnia' produced by Molotov. The album is released on 08/10/2014 and features The Four Owls, Chester P & Rag N Bone Man.

The 'Vultures' single is available for download on iTunes and comes with two exclusive B-sides that are not available on the upcoming album.

Order 'Vultures' single on iTunes: http://bit.ly/1uedeHa
Pre Order 'Polyhymnia' on CD: http://bit.ly/WVS9qe
Pre Order 'Polyhymnia' on limited edition vinyl: http://bit.ly/1kytYc1
Pre Order album on iTunes: http://bit.ly/1qKN1Oh

Video directed by Aodh Breathnach / Bearpit Media
2nd Camera by Matt Jones / Bearpit Media
Vulture Illustration by Dan Spooner

'...The mainstream held the reigns, now we taking over...'


@cescru - Jimmy Stewart (Single)

@ITSPOKCHOP - Ugly Bastard (ft. @GalaxyStoner) [@Excision Cover] @STONERGANGOD

@HGmonsterEs - Aspire To Inspire (Music Video & Album)

“Aspire To Inspire” is his life’s motto. It is also a symbol of his journey… his growth…his progression. This record is a feel good inspirational and motivational collection of songs, intended to uplift anyone who has ever had to overcome adversity or odds stacked against them. It is an honest audio journal of his goals, dreams, successes, joys, failures and words of encouragement to all who can relate to his story…coming from a grown man’s perspective. The ability to inspire others to strive to be better is one of life’s ultimate rewards. Let’s “Aspire To Inspire”.

@dilatedpeoples Feat @aloeblacc - Show Me The Way (Single)

the brand new single from Dilated Peoples' forthcoming album Directors of Photography. The rhythmic single features the harmony of guest vocalist Aloe Blacc paired with a refreshing backdrop produced by beatsmith Jake One.
Pre-order Directors of Photography now via:

    iTunes:  http://bit.ly/DOPitunes
    Amazon:  http://bit.ly/DOPamazon
    Fifth Element:  http://bit.ly/DOP_FE

Pre-order Directors of Photography now via Fifth Element and receive an exclusive autographed photo print, PLUS bundle your pre-order with a limited edition, Fifth Element exclusive Dilated Peoples t-shirt or zip hoodie.

The brand new album from Dilated Peoples, Directors of Photography is due out 8.12.14 on Rhymesayers Entertainment.

@BruseWane - Beast Inside Feat @SeanPrice (Music Video)

@OfficialWee_D - Damage Control EP

Subfriction Records proudly presents Wee D's First release of 2014; Damage Control.

Wee D is one of Scotland's most prolific and and consistent rappers;
whether taking scalps in battle rap events all over the country,
performing as part of the infamous Shadowpeople or dropping records and music videos.

This diminutive artist gets hype.

@FILFY1 - Taking Liberties (Music Video)

@ellearaminta - Underworlds (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

@ApexZero00 - Obtain Bearing (Music Video)

@MikeMelinoe - Greed To Conquer (Official Video)

@graffitithemind - Pandora's Jukebox Ft.Kree23BN & DeJaY (Music Video)

Soulpete (@etrecs) - Rhymes On Random Ft @ODDISEE (Single and EP

Poland-based producer Soulpete presents "Rhymes On Random", featuring Oddisee. Recorded during Oddisee's 2013 European tour, "Rhymes On Random" is a single from his debut album Soul Raw, featuring Guilty Simpson, Smif-N-Wessun, Blu, Supastition, Pacewon, Hezekiah, Hassaan Mackey, DJ Ace, Ozay Moore, M.A.R.S., AWAR, Journalist 103, Dominique Larue and Danny! A video has already been released for (his Guilty Simpson collaboration track "Undisputed Champs" (WATCH). "The collaboration came about through Facebook and emails," Soulpete explains. "It's a lot of people's favorite song on the album." Soul Raw is out now.

@audibledoctor Feat @BumpyKnuckles - The Beast (Single)

This is the second single off his upcoming EP for
you to peep. The track's called "The Beast" and features Bumpy Knuckles....the full EP "Can't Keep The People Waiting" is coming soon!

@Hipstrumentals - The Eargasm (instrumentals)

The Eargasm is an instrumental mixtape starring some of the biggest producers today (including Young Chop, Jahlil Beats, Canei Finch, Swiff D, Lee on the Beats etc.) and hot up and comers.

Hipstrumentals presents the compilation instrumental mixtape "The Eargasm". 30+ exclusive beats from various talented producers from signed to up & coming. FREE FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY! Please give the producers credit if used.

@Dynamic_EQ - Post Crack Era (Album)

Dynamic Equilibrium is a NYC hip-hop group that looks to deliver a message in their music without coming off preachy or, worse yet, "corny." But in the underground hip-hop community, who DOESN'T try accomplish this? Few succeed at balancing substance with an appealing style.

Part of Dynamic Equilibrium's allure is the cinematic style of their music videos. Their first release, "Pangea", captivated people across the world, with its usage of Charlie Chaplin's infamous scene and a gritty, post-apocalyptic backdrop.

But beyond the visuals, the chemistry the duo has together sets them apart. Queens native Alpha Memphis oozes in confidence, evident in the variety of flows and cadences he has at instant command. Brooklyn's MACHIA shows tremendous range in production throughout their works, and even occasionally trades rhymes with his partner.

Their music is conceptual and yet remarkably smooth to the ear. And with their first album, they are set to introduce the world to a new age: This is POST CRACK ERA.

@tha4orce - Mind Tha Gap Radio July 2014

@VonPoeVII - Namaste (Music Video)

@ChrissyLeese - Drunk Fire (feat. Elliot Spencer) (Music Video)

The Cypher Effect - Mic Check: @luzidhiphop

Dont Flop Drops - High Rise Hip Hop Cypher Feat @TaliMusicUK @Flexthetruth @xpsays @ManchesterHypes @iamthemessenger @Dialect1

@tj_hickey - Happy Hour (Prod. Rato) [Official Music Video]

@BroadwayBarrett - In My Blood (Music Video)

@mikeboyd31 "This Aint Funny" feat. @classified (Music Video)

@RichMFNQuick - Breakfast ft. @ArchieBangMuzik (Music Video)

@SpayceeMusic - Castles In The Air (Music Video)

@CeeMajor - Family First (Music Video)

@KosanNoT - Kickin' Barz (official video) prod by Erbaknight

@LordWillin00 & Billy Whizz - Bi-Polar Bear (Music Video)

Teknique - Bars For Loners Prod By @Jee4ce (Music Video)

@korrydeez - Pilin Papers Ft SepTo (Music Video)

@BlackJoshAPE - Paul Scholes (Music Video) @BlahRecords

@Buckshot - This is My World Ft @GeneralSteele (@Smifnwessun) (Audio)

@COPYWRITE - Yasiin Bey (Official Music Video)

@sgtover x @FOWSounds - Stereo Phony (official video)

Simple Steven - Dormant (Music Video) @CitizenSEnt

@JMegaTheGod - Metal Armz [Official Music Video]

@Slimkid3 & @DJNUMARK - Bom Bom Fiya (Music Video)