@ApolloBrown & @RasKass - Impossible Dream (feat. @SeanPrice & @BleuDavinci) (Single)

"Meditation with a Buddhists' breath 'cause sleep is the cousin of death."

@BronzeNazareth - Thought for Food Vol. 3 (Album)

Wu-Tang-affiliated producer / Emcee Bronze Nazareth drops his latest offering “Thought for Food Vol. 3” featuring a set of rugged soundscapes laced with exceptional lyricism. The album features long time collaborators such as Willie da Kid, Lord Jessiah & the Wisemen. Bronze Naz should need no introduction as he is widely regarded as the new generation torchbearer of the Wu-Tang sound, while also fronting Detroit based group the Wisemen. In recent years he has produced joints for Raekwon, The Gza, Inspektah Deck and the critically acclaimed collaboration album “The Living Daylights” with Willie the Kid. "Thought for food Vol.3" comprises of soulful yet grimy hip hop and is set to be a favourite in the playlists of fans worldwide. Stream the album from the link below!

Purchase HERE

@audibledoctor - Can't Keep People Waiting (EP)

 Audible Doctor back with an EP titled "Can't Keep People Waiting"

The EP is produced entirely by myself and features Astro, Hassaan Mackey, Consequence, Bumpy Knuckles, Guilty Simpson & John Robinson.

Puchase HERE and stream below.

@atmosphere - Fortunate (Official Video)

@PRhyme_Official - Courtesy ft. @REALDJPREMIER, @Royceda59

@diamondditc - Only Way 2 Go ft. @PeteRock

@TWISTAgmg ft. @TechN9ne - "Crisis" (Official Music Video)

@nikohigh - Hypnotized Snakes (Official Music Video)

@themouseoutfit - We Need a Bus! Kickstarter Campaign @realdrsyntax

@NinoBless - This Song Might Get Me Killed Feat. @rafijah_siano (Official Video)

@JaredEvan & @StatikSelekt - The Background

@COPYWRITE - Leroy (Official Music Video)

@cescru - Double OT - Official Music Video

Grafh - You A Customer (Explicit)

@bilderburgh - The Dark ft. @planetasia (Official Video) (prod. @vherbal)

@HailMaryMallon - Whales (Official Video)

@uMaNgKhOsLa "Correct Techniques" (prod. by B.B.Z. Darney)

@ApolloBrown & @RasKass - "How To Kill God" | Official Music Video

@themouseoutfit & Mattic - Born Lupers (Music Video)

@BronzeNazareth - Cinder Block Blues (Music Video)

@PRhyme_Official (@REALDJPREMIER & @Royceda59) - PRhyme Official Music Video | First Look @ComplexMag

@burgundy_blood - Jewmaicans

@THREAT_978 ft. @TermanologyST - The Truth (Official Video) Vid By @MysterDL

@The1978ers (@yUthe78er + @Slimthe78er): People Of Today (Album)

Music is an exchange of ideas. This album is something for those exhausted with the shuck and jive of pop culture, who believe in the purification rituals offered by hard snares, funky drum kicks, soul-coughing bass, and deeply rooted vibrations.

Steadfastly infusing their songs with spirituality and positivity, yU and Slimkat are everymen with preternatural talent. Over the years, they've tirelessly built a rep in the DMV, collaborating on yU's The Earn and Before Taxes, which OkayPlayer called "one of the best hip-hop albums released in the last few years." In 2009, yU released In the Ruff as the philosophical heart of super-group Diamond District, a record hailed by MTV as "arguably the best hip-hop ever released in D.C."

Slimkat supplies the beats that make the blood rush to your head. Named one of the best producers of 2010 by KevinNottingham.com, he's dished countless production dimes to the likes of Muhsinah, Eric Roberson, Diamond District, and more.

The People of Today is a seamless and head-spinning record. It's hard-boiled beats and raps laced with wisdom and virtue. The sort of record that you can sit with today and tomorrow, and any time you need to be reminded that we're all in this together.

Various Artists: SHADYXV (Album)

Shady XV is the hip hop compilation album performed by various artists of Shady Records. The double disc album is available now, by Shady Records and Interscope Records. The album will be released in honor of the label's 15th anniversary and as its 15th project (excluding Eminem's solo releases). The compilation feature's  two discs, the first feature's new material from Shady Records artists such as Slaughterhouse, Bad Meets Evil, D12 and Yelawolf, as well as the label's founder Eminem. The second disc include's the label's greatest hits, also featuring former Shady Records members Obie Trice, 50 Cent, Ca$his, Bobby Creekwater, and Stat Quo.

Get It Here

@VonPea & @OTHERGUYSMUSIC: To:You (Album)

After teaming up with The Other Guys on their hit summer single "Blow My Mind", Von Pea (of Tanya Morgan) enlists the DMV duo to produce his latest solo album, To:You.

Laced with the soulful, smooth production of The Other Guys, To:You is a gift from Von Pea, to... you. Speaking directly to the fans, Von's raps are some of his best in recent Tanya Morgan history. Features on the album include Substantial, Kooley High, and the whole Lessondary Crew on the posse cut "Connect Four aka Lessondary"

Get It Here

@admiralcrumple: Cryptkid (Album)

A new rugged and hardcore Admiral Crumple album with tracks reminiscent of his classics "Laughing in Toronto" "Merk You" etc The album is angry, scary and also very beautiful, passionate and happy. Just like the state of the World in 2014. The album was created not just for those who've made life changing decisions (Quitting drugs, alcohol, other destructive behaviours etc) - but also for those already well along the path of recovery. It's an album to empower and help people maintain positive behaviors while dealing with genuine emotions and feelings. Where much of the current rap landscape is clouded by drugs and alcohol Crumple tackles issues like change, anger, family and social issues with a clear and level head. Crumple States "Cryptkid is like the new me. The "Crypt" part is about death. Where I've been through losses in life and essentially my old self died. The "Kid" part is about a new renewal on life, where I've been reborn in a sense - with the purity, innocence and enthusiasm of a child.but armed with new knowledge, and skills through life experience." This is Crumple's most sex themed album as well. With constant sex related references in verses, a whole track - "Ashlyn" with a strong sexual theme, and sexual album artwork - the inside and tray card. In the 2 years it took to create this new album, Crumple also earned his 2 year College Diploma as a Law Clerk. So while Crumple was always an intellectual emcee, he is now a formally educated one. Produced by Crumple, Westnlye, Sharpgold and Al'tarba, this album is a breath of fresh air for fans of the Hardcore Rap Genre, and is sure to lead Hip Hop in the right direction.

Get It Here

@HailMaryMallon: Bestiary (Album)

After 3 years in remission, Hail Mary Mallon has returned, iller than ever. Comprised of two of the most verbose MC's in Hip-Hop today– Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic– Hail Mary Mallon prepares to unleash their second full-length release, Bestiary. Individually, these two lyricists are well known for wordy expressions eliciting oft-despondent themes. Together, however, they appear to push one another to the limits of humorously witty wordplay, while simultaneously crafting complex rhyme patterns. The very title of the album, Bestiary, was inspired by the fact that they both went into beast mode, here.

The group's hunger comes across in more than just the lyrics, though. With both Aesop & Rob sharing production duties, the album is laden with hypnotic beats ranging from dense & murky to melodic & twisting, all complemented by the cutting precision of turntablist DJ Big Wiz. As if all that wasn't enough, there's the artwork– a masterpiece taxidermy gallery of outlandish beasts, conceived and illustrated by the talented Coro. For a limited time, this album artwork will be available with 3 different covers to choose from, each depicting a different beast head, on CD and picture-disc vinyl!

Get It Here

@DJDEZANDRES & @iamdjbutter: A Piece Of The Action (Album)

Two of the biggest pillars in the Detroit Hip-Hop community have come together to bring out a brand new LP for lovers of the culture across the world! DJ Butter & The World Famous DJ Dez Andres have released their joint album entitled "A Piece Of The Action" featuring guest appearances from artist such as Kool G. Rap, Elzhi, Pacewon, Guilty Simpson, Kurupt, Hell Rell, Phat Kat, Kokane, Boldy James, Fuzz Scoota, BO$$, Big Rube, Street Lord Juan, Syruz Grizm & Lady Syruz, Mu, Dogmatic, Wesley Valentine, Big Tone, Seven The General, Loe Louis, VStylez, Supa Emcee, Strike & Journalist 103 (Mountain Climbaz), KonPhlict over Dj Butter & Dj Dez productions!

Get It Here

@XicanB - God's Gravedigga (Music Video)

@mrfliptrix - Polyhymnia (Music Video)

@Melanin_9 & @TeslaTheGhost - Mont Blanc (Music Video)

@SadatX - On Fire ft. @realcormega, @LanelleTyler

@therealreks & @hazardissoundz - Eyes (Intro) (Music Video) @BrickRecords96

Big Pun & @OnlyChrisRivers - Super Lyrical (Throwback Remix)

@RahimSamad - We Go Off (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

@HexOne1 & @5thElementBeats "Deep Cover '14" Music Video **R.I.P. Big Pun**

@therealalivegas - New Day (Official Video) prod by @itz_Sickness

@DAVE_EAST f. @emiliorojas & @JazzyAmra - "Make It Out" (Single)

@LordWillin00 & @BillywhizzNOYZE - Holy Smokes

@DuKaran1 - @IAmKRSOne (Music Video)


@HasanSalaam - Father's Day

@Slaughterhouse - Y'all Ready Know

@VonPea - So East Coast [prod by The Other Guys] Music Video

@TheBlackOpera - Beginning of the End (feat. @JAHJAHMULDROW)@MelloMusicGroup

@StanleyOdd - A Thing Brand New (Album)

Today brings a new release from Stanley Odd.

"A Thing brand New" is a fantastic album showcasing Stanley Odd's flair once again as one of Scotland's top bands, and certainly does not disappoint.

Available on CD/Vinyl & Digital Download

Check Out the website HERE for information on how to get hold of it.

@RGGMachine (Dr. Oop & Magic T w/ MC Nucleus): Planet Africa (LP)

The Red Gold & Green Machine are a North American hip-hop group with a sound that skips effortlessly between genres and appeals to lovers of all styles! Its core members are Canadian songstress and MC Tonye "Magic T" Aganaba and Los Angeles lyrical legend, dr.Oop of the bLackloveR88rs, as well as unofficial third member/ collaborator – MC Nucleus. The trio met and subsequently formed RG&GM in the summer of 2010 after meeting at Shambhala Musical Festival. What transpired on that fateful day sparked a journey, both literally and figuratively as they crossed borders to meet, create and hone their long-awaited debut album Planet Africa. The chemistry between The Red Gold & Green Machine is undeniable with their unique style building upon foundations laid by The Fugees and Black Eyed Peas.

As solo artists, Magic T and dr.Oop have found their own success, but by joining forces, they have stepped on to another plane and harnessed a profound creative energy that is reflected in their sophomore release. Their combination of dulcet tones and velvet vocals with crisp flows, conscious content and witty lyricism equals the future of roots and culture. In short, The Red Gold & Green Machine is the new black!

Divine - Ghetto Rhymin (LP) @4thlettermusic

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Eric B. & Rakim, KRS-One and Kool G Rap, the Brooklyn, Fort Greene native Divine gets set for the November 4th release of his inaugural LP, 'Ghetto Rhymin'. Divine's sound blends sophisticated introspection woven from stories of street life coupled with classic 'golden age' influences, derived from his absorption into the Nation Of Gods & Earths (formerly the Five Percent Nation Of Islam).

The result is a potent concoction of raw urban storytelling that captivates, enlightens and informs. Believe Divine when he says, "Don't doubt the clout, the proof is in the science, man, and the science is in showing and proving."

Sir Be - I'm Back (Prod By Jon Glass) (Music Video)

@dilatedpeoples (@Evidence & @TheRealRakaa) - Show Me The Way ft. Aloe Blacc (Official Video) @rhymesayers

@The1978ers (@yUthe78er & @Slimthe78er) - OneNine7-T-8 @MelloMusicGroup

@MacLethal - "Sleepless & Senseless" - Official Music Video

@diabolichiphop - Introvert (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

@therealEternia - Scraps (Single)

Eternia dusts off the previously unreleased "SCRAPS" and makes the inspired track available for free download.

"I heard this beat playing while praying at City Lights in Toronto. I wrote the entire song the same night, and recorded it the following afternoon. That was a year ago. The hook has been playing over and over in my mind lately, even though I haven't been listening to the song at all. I thought I'd share it with y'all... perhaps it will speak to you too." - Eternia (Toronto, CA)

Producer: Durazzo - "Dark Roast" from the album, Cascades
Recording Engineer: Michael "DJ Merciless" Pompey

@AintThatCoreyG & @wrathmatics - Keep It Human (EP)

Corey Gipson and Wrathmatics (40eighty, A Charlie Brown Beat Tape, The Crates Of Wrath Vol. 1) come through with their 10 track EP, Keep It Human. Weighing in at 30 minutes, the EP consists of Corey entirely holding down the vocals (minus one Wrathmatics guest verse) while Wrath's sample driven instrumentals and mixing skills play the backdrop. Another interesting take is that Corey hand painted the cover art on canvas along with 7 other originals that are available for purchase on the Corey's bandcamp page.

DailyChiefers.com said this about the project, "When it comes to music, it is fairly hard to find people with great chemistry in combination with thier producers and engineers. But no with Corey Gipson and Wrathmatics." From coast to coast, press play to enjoy some of the most rare hip hop in the world and Keep It Human.

DJ Connect Ft @BlockMcCloud & @LostCauze - Up In Sweden (Single)

@KevBr0wn & @HassaanMackey - That Grit (LP) @ILLADRENALINE @L0WBUDGET

Following the critically acclaimed "Pillars" EP with MindsOne, Kev Brown teams up again with Ill Adrenaline Records, this time collaborating with fellow Low Budget Crew member Hassaan Mackey to bless listeners with "That Grit".

Both the Landover, MD based producer-on-the-mic and the Rochester, NY emcee are longtime members of the prolific artist collective and have previously worked together various times, but this mini-album marks the first time the two embark on a full project. Most boom-bap enthusiasts should already be well acquainted with both Kev Brown and Hassaan Mackey: double threat Kev Brown already showcased his skills on microphones as well as production boards on countless releases and has been dubbed "king of basslines" by fans worldwide. In addition to his solo recordings Kev's credits include beats for heavyweights like Busta Rhymes, Biz Markie, De La Soul, Jazzy Jeff, and Marley Marl just to name a few, as well as handling entire album production for LMNO, Kaimbr, and Raw Poetic. Hassaan Mackey released a string of albums, including a full-length LP with Apollo Brown, and appearances on releases by Oddissee, Kaimbr, The Left and L'Orange.

Recorded during a series of impromptu bus and train trips Hassaan took from Rochester to visit Kev in Washington, "That Grit" was created with a spontaneous approach, reflecting both Mackey's freestyle background and Brown's proven "random joints" formula. Entirely produced by Kev Brown and featuring his signature bassline-driven and raw but soulful sound, "That Grit" consists of an intro, eight full-length tracks and six instrumentals. Hassaan and Kev share mic duties on most of the songs, inviting close friends/frequent collaborators Kaimbr, Toine, yU, Kenn Starr, Eye-Q, Asheru (of Unspoken Heard) as well as the Younger Soul Brother Grap Luva along as feature guests, turning the record into a true family affair.

@RasKass - Barmageddon 2.0 (Album)

Ras Kass is a producer's wet-dream & a rapper's worst nightmare! He's worked with the greats: Dr Dre to DJ Premier, The RZA to Kanye West; from Apollo Brown to Jack Splash.

Born in Watts, CA on September 26 as John R. Austin IV. In 1996 he had twin sons (Ras and Taj) with R&B and soul singer-songwriter Teedra Moses. BMF Entertainment artist Barima "Bleu DaVinci" McKnight is his cousin.

Ras Kass sent waves through the hip-hop world with his debut independent single release "Remain Anonymous," earning him a Hip-Hop Quotable in The Source Magazine. Before his signing with Priority/EMI Records, his first album, Soul on Ice, was released in 1996. Taking its name from a book by Eldridge Cleaver, Ras addressed racial relations in the same manner, most notably on the Diamond D produced "Soul On Ice" remix, and "Nature of the Threat." The album was released on Priority Records, as was the follow-up, Rasassination.

Most recently "Barmageddon 2.0", which was just released and includes features from Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chains, YukMouth, Bishop Lamont, Ice T, Too Short, and Talib Kweli.

@black_milk - If There's A Hell Below (Album)

On Black Milk's 6th solo rap LP, If There's A Hell Below, Black continues the narratives he started on his 2013 release No Poison No Paradise. This time, rather than speaking through the character Sonny Jr., Black paints pictures from a first person perspective of someone raised and living in one of America's toughest cities, and the ups and downs of pursuing a career in the arts. The stories reflect how he and the people where he's from feel or have felt - if there's a hell below, maybe we're already in it.

@ApolloBrown & @RasKass - Blasphemy (Album) @MelloMusicGroup

In his seminal memoir Soul on Ice, Eldridge Cleaver wrote, "All the gods are dead except the god of war." Ever since Ras Kass titled his 1996 opening salvo after Cleaver's book, the critically revered Carson, CA rapper has waged verbal warfare against all those with aims of obscuring the truth. Rappers, preachers, politicians – none have been spared from the wrath of his sharp, illuminating rhymes.

Blasphemy, the collaborative album from esteemed Mello Music Group producer Apollo Brown and Ras Kass, is a thought-provoking and highly personal treatise on the unspoken. The sub-rattling and operatic opener "How to Kill God," a scathing indictment of major religions and the transgressions enacted in their name, serves as a statement of purpose. No "ism" is out of bounds, no topic too untoward. Whatever you hold sacred isn't above aggressive inquiry.

Behind the boards, Apollo Brown orchestrates with divine aural vision. Though Blasphemy is his first album with a west coast rapper, he doesn't retread g-funk synth grooves. He also forgoes the minimal, rubbery bounce popular with the current crop of west coast talent. Amidst a sea of production crafted for the drug-addled turn up, his work is a life preserver, saving ardent hip-hop fans with hard-hitting beats made buoyant by donuts of soul and blues. On his deftly layered suites, drums hit with the force of an unabridged Bible to the dome, the samples masterfully selected and utilized. With Blasphemy, Brown has created MPC gospel, sonic scripture.

In his seminal memoir Soul on Ice, Eldridge Cleaver wrote, "All the gods are dead except the god of war." Ever since Ras Kass titled his 1996 opening salvo after Cleaver's book, the critically revered Carson, CA rapper has waged verbal warfare against all those with aims of obscuring the truth. Rappers, preachers, politicians – none have been spared from the wrath of his sharp, illuminating rhymes.

When not eviscerating MCs and poking holes in theologies, Ras Kass surrounds himself with a rogue's gallery of decorated veterans. Pharoahe Monch, Rakaa Iriscience, Xzibit, and Royce Da 5'9" are among the handful of the elite lyricists present. Each delivers their singular bars in top form, making the songs on which they appear some of the best posse cuts you'll hear in 2014.

Above all, this album displays Apollo Brown & Ras Kass' undeniable synergy. Their sacred writ is the same, their blasphemy for those who want to think as they nod to the rhythm. When Ras Kass crucifies supposed facts over Apollo's beats, it's clear he is the West Coast's preeminent philosopher. When Apollo's blaring suites soothe your soul, it's an ontological fact that he ranks among the best producers in the game. With Blasphemy, the duo has delivered the truth.

@ChrisWebby - Chemically Imbalanced (Album)

Perhaps it s his lyrical dexterity coupled with his boyish good looks, but Chris Webby has nudged his way into the contender position as one of Hip-Hop s top new acts. The Connecticut native has seen mid-level success within a short amount of time from his charting debut to an onslaught of mixtapes and sold out shows. As Chris Webby enters the next phase in his career with his debut album Chemically Imbalanced, he s looking to take his Homegrown feel-good Hip-Hop formula to the next level. Prepare to be amazed.

Norwalk, Connecticut is an atypical breeding ground for a Rap star, but Chris Webby somehow made it work. His beginnings were spent sharpening his skills in middle school, leading into his time at Hofstra University. In 2009, an expulsion from college proved to be fortuitous for young Webby. He dropped the introductory White Noise LP, met with a strong word of mouth buzz that reinforced Chris decision to pursue Rap full-time.

Says Webby:
That was like the end of one era me as a student type of thing and the beginning of me as a rapper, really full-fledged...

From there the success just escalated.

A year later, he dropped his Best Of the Burbs mixtape, which crashed DatPiff with the number of downloads. By 2011, Chris Webby dropped his first official release There Goes The Neighborhood via his own label with manager Dana Biondi, Homegrown Music Group. The project debuted at the top of the iTunes Hip-Hop charts, along with #13 on Billboard s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. Clearly something was there. His reach spanned across a multi-tiered fan base, where Hip-Hop heads could respect him, girls could crush on him, and college kids could smoke weed to him. It s a true testament to his personality that bleeds through his lyrics.

Webby continues:
I kind of just covered all bases. I was just one of those dudes who was cool with everybody, and I think that s just helped me as a person being kind of relatable... I could hang out with the jocks... even though I wasn t an athlete, but I still partied with those kids. I could hang out with the nerds and talk about video games. I could hang out with the hippie kids and talk about how f d up the planet is. I could hang out with the super Hip-Hop kids and just talk about Hip-Hop all day.

Chris Webby s reach is undeniable.

Chris later embarked on a coast-to-coast There Goes The Neighborhood Tour (one of three coast-to-coast tours in just two years), selling out shows from New York City to Los Angeles. Once he finished a string of successful showcases at the 2012 SXSW, he began work on the project that would change his career.

In October of 2012, Chris Webby released his Gangsta Grillz Bars On Me mixtape, hosted by DJ Drama. His fate was sealed. The project boasted collaborations from Hip-Hop heavyweights like Method Man, Bun B, and Prodigy of Mobb Deep along with burgeoning new acts like Jon Connor, Kid Ink, and Emilio Rojas. Tastemakers across the board began to take notice, including Funkmaster Flex, who recruited Chris for the track Conan off Flex s critically acclaimed Who You Mad At? Me Or Yourself? mixtape. Flex continues to play the mixtape daily during his mixshow on NYC s Hot 97.

With the release of his anticipated debut album, Chemically Imbalanced, on October 28, 2014, Chris Webby is on a mission. He s ducked the stigma of the white rapper and delivered bars of party music for the masses all while simply just being himself.

Webby concludes:
The one thing that I ve made my motto is just... keep it real ~ because at the end of the day, if they don't like you for who you are, just keep moving and you ll make it.

Stream a few preview tracks below or you can buy the album from most online digital retailers. Enjoy.

@Adlib76 - Hard Luck (Official Music Video)

@planetasia x @TzariZM ft. @PurpleKloud "Mystique" music video

@jzonedonttweet - "Mad Rap / Stick Up" [Official Video]

@HasanSalaam - Father's Day OFFICIAL VIDEO

@atmosphere - Arthur's Song (Official Video)

"PROFITEER" - @Metermaids [official video] @SFRupdates

@StizGrimey - Lizzie Borden (Official Video)

@ActualJamBaxter - Leash (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (Prod. @chemouk ) @HighFocusUK

@FLYestintheeERA - Day zZz's

@SmellingtonPiff - Site (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Prod. @mcleafdog

@jehstofficial X @strange_u 'Dolph Lundgren' (Official Video) @YNRProductions

@Adlib76 Ft @MadChild57 - Beastmode (Single)

@HieroImperium - Heebie Jeebies (Single)

@CAPPO_GENGHIS & @Stealf - Unicron (EP) @DeFactoEnt

'De Facto Entertainment' is proud to present ‘Unicron’ courtesy of Nottingham veteran 'Cappo' produced by boom bap aficionado 'Stealf'. The consistent work rate combined with the deep abstract lyricism is why 'Cappo' is regarded as one of the greats in UK Hip Hop and 'Stealf' holds an impressive production resume which promises that ‘Unicron’ will live up to that reputation.

‘Unicron’ is a 5 track E.P including a special remix of the lead single ‘ SM58 Live Rounds’ from legendary producer Evil Ed. Cappo brings his immaculate wordplay creating vivid imagery that sit deep in your conscious conveying a fresh imprint with every listen. When you combine this with the thumping drums, sinister melodies and hypnotising bass lines from the self confessed vinyl hoarder Stealf you have a classic between your eardrums.

Unicron is available now across all digital stores including the De Facto Entertainment website and Bandcamp store. Let ‘Unicron’ take you on a journey of self-reflection and transform you into an entity bigger than you could ever imagine.

@JaredEvan & @StatikSelekt - Scene

@DAVE_EAST | Take Money

@skyzoo, @Torae - Memorabilia

@SlainesWorld - "Destroy Everything" feat. @RiteHookFTW (Official Video) @subnoizerecords

Stank Face Cypher Feat @loudasphuk @Will_is_Chillin @baynebruce @RebelLegato @PalmerSquares @irineojaimes

@CF201 featuring @swavesevah & @akirone - DOG TAGS @ViperRecords

@KingChoosey - Left Field (Official Video)

@PRhyme_Official (@REALDJPREMIER & @Royceda59) - U Looz (Full Version)

@MadChild57 - "The Jackel" Official Music Video

@speesixnine - Cherry Pie (Produced By @BiggTaj)

@AVillaMusic Feat @ActionBronson, @rocmarci & @theWILLIETHEKID - Live From The Villa (Single)

@JarrenBenton Feat @micahfreemanism - Lost Kings (Single)

Army Of The Pharaohs (@vinnie_paz, @MCEsoteric, @OuterSpaceAOTP, @ApathyDGZ, @CelphTitled, @LostCauze, @KINGSYZE) - Heavy Lies The Crown (Album)

Initiated in 1998 by Jedi Mind Tricks frontman Vinnie Paz as homage to the incredible rap crews of the 80’s and early 90’s, the Army of the Pharaohs has, from its outset, been an ever-evolving collective of celebrated emcees from the indie hip-hop scene. Founding members Vinnie Paz and Esoteric were featured on the crew’s original 12-inch single, “Five Perfect Exertions,” in 1998 and remain with the crew today. With the release of their debut studio album The Torture Papers in 2006, the Pharaoh clique expanded to include accomplished solo emcees Apathy, Celph Titled, King Syze, Reef the Lost Cauze, and the Philly hip-hop duo and frequent Jedi Mind Tricks collaborators, Outerspace.

In its nearly two decades, AOTP has released three studio albums alongside countless solo albums and sideprojects from its lineup of emcees that have been some of the most critically-acclaimed and best-selling indie hip hop records of the past 20 years. With the release of their newest effort, In Death Reborn, the Army returns after a four-year hiatus to release its fourth group album featuring the lead single/video for “God Particle” featuring Vinnie Paz, Planetary, Esoteric, Apathy & Celph Titled and produced by Stu Bangas. The album also features appearances by Blacastan, Zilla, Block McCloud, Demoz, Doap Nixon, King Magnetic & Lawrence Arnell.

Preview/Buy HERE

@Grafh - No Half Stepping Ft @smokedza (Single)

Underground Scotland Present's The Hip Hop Collective: Best of 2013

For those not familiar with Hip Hop music from Scotland (Where i'm based). This is sure to satisfy your curiosity.

Featuring such a mixture of the more seasoned veterans and the new up and coming talents available for your ears to be penetrated with.

This should serve as an introduction to the vast scope of Scotlands talent all in the one simple project for free download.

Support our friends at Underground Scotland and give this a download.

There are much more volumes to come including conceptual compilations which i'm excited to hear.

@MuGGzOnDrugz & Scene 5 Present: The 5th Scene @LiveThruYours

MuGGz describes his genre as Street Science, a term coined by LTY. It is the answer to what he as an artist uniquely offers that’s largely missing from commercial rap music. If you can apply science to anything, then street science is comprised of experiences and stories that one who’s familiar with the streets can extract and use to create a better cultural foundation for the future.

Excellent EP here from these guys, 90's beats with a knowledgeable street conscious vibe.

Dope Shit.

@ApolloBrown & @RasKass - Giraffe Pussy feat. @Royceda59, @xzibit & @BishopLamont (Single) @MelloMusicGroup

@hopsin - Westwood Crib Session

Dope New Singles Featuring @PRhyme_Official @JoeBudden @201Ransom @DJJS1 @MURS @fashawn

@MCBravado - Walk The Line (EP)

"MC Bravado’s “Walk the Line” showcases an artist interweaving an iconic musician's experiences, outlooks, and soundscapes with those of his own, resulting in a thoughtfully crafted, well-executed conceptual EP that does both parties justice. This ode to Johnny Cash was released as a free download, October 13 (the same day Cash was inducted into the CMA Hall of Fame) on Bandcamp. It features additional guest appearances/production from Soul Khan of the Brown Bag All-Stars, YouTube sensation Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs, Fonte Cruise, and Seth Bright of Triple 8 Music, Aaron Chamberlain of the Time Police, as well as SC Static, No-Name, Militant Marxman, and C-Nature of MC Bravado’s own Cypher Junkies crew.

Prior to his latest release, Bravado has worked with the likes of Mac Lethal, Copywrite, J57 and KONCEPT of BBAS, EP of the Doppelgangaz, and more. His unflappable, left-field approach, distinct delivery, and almost peerless lyricism continue to make him an artist to watch, with each entry in his ever-growing catalog seemingly outshining its predecessor."

@BuggsThaRocka - Bad Habits (Music Video)

@iintrospect - Bruce Wayne (Music Video)

@verbal_emcee 'ReverseThaCurse' ft @thatsimpsonguy, @SpecialEfeks & Dj Stix, Prod @EndemicEmerald (Music Video)

@InnuendoMusicUK - @DontFlop Drops

@Adlib76 - The Highway (Album)

Adlib is internationally known for his energetic live shows and blue collar topics. One of the main faces of Battleaxe Warriors, Adlib has toured the US, Canada and Europe several times with artists such as Jedi Mind Tricks, Heavy Metal Kings, Madchild, Swollen Members and La Coka Nostra. He has built a fanbase from the ground up touring with Hip Hop heavyweights and often headlines his own tours.

Adlib has been featured on tracks with platinum selling and Grammy winning artist as was as Underground elites such as : Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes, Digable Planets, Vinnie Paz Slaine, Madchild and many others.

For his new project, The HighWay", Adlib enlisted Swollen Members' producer Rob The Viking to lead the production, Scott Stallone (Jedi Mind Tricks, AOTP, Danny Brown) of Found Sound Studios to mix the album and Pete Humphreys to master the project. The team guarantees and industry sound standard.

Available October 28th - Pre Order now HERE

Preview track courtesy of Hip Hop DX

Adlib Feat Shabaam Sahdeeq - All City (Produced By Rob The Viking)

@OnlyChrisRivers - "HEATWAVE" (Official Music Video)

@HasanSalaam ft. @ImmortalTech & @hezekiah3rd - JERICHO (Music Video)

@AkrobatikMC - Built To Last (Music Video)

@parallax_uk - Rat Race (Official Video)

@ZIONI feat. @therealMrLif, @KevChoice, @opiohierosom & @SadatX- 'Get Urs' (Music Video)

@Profgampo - Farout (Music Video)

@StanleyOdd - Pastime (Official Music Video)

@C_Rayz_Walz - DROP THE BEAT (Official Video)

@armypharaohs - Terrorstorm (Music Video)

@lifemc & @Badhabitz_TKK ft: @mrfliptrix & UPFRONT - NATURES WAY (Music Video)

Swamp Thing (@SwampThingRaps) (@TimbuktuRaps + @chokeules + @Savilion): Firedogs (Album)

Swamp Thing is the brainchild of Timbuktu, Chokeules and Savilion. Their first album Creature Feature offered a glimpse into the warped world of Swamp Thing, but now the b-movie monsters drag themselves out of the depths for their hard-hitting sophomore release, Firedogs. Three well-established artists in their own right join forces to do what they do best: make dope hip hop and rock hype live shows, fine-tuned from years of work in the studio and countless performances.

Long time collaborators Timbuktu (Toolshed, Teenburger, Backburner) and Chokeules (Toolshed, Backburner) have teamed up with fellow Toronto emcee/producer Savilion (Creature Box, Backburner) to form a group unlike anything they've done before. Each member has been contributing to the scene for over a decade, recording, touring, and putting out music. Both Savilion and Timbuktu are also producers/engineers with credits ranging from Sadat X to Awol One, while Timbuktu and Chokeules have performed at festivals such as SXSW, NXNE, CMW and Under Pressure. They've also performed with notable acts like Aceyalone (Freestyle Fellowship), GZA (Wu-Tang Clan), Lootpack (Stone Throw), El Da Sensei (Artifacts), and many more.

Swamp Thing combines the trio's experience as Savilion and Timbuktu create party soundtracks and soundsapes on which the three emcees rap about topics ranging from horror and sci-fi to wild nights and life on the road. At the end of the day, Swamp Thing is all about banging beats, hard rhymes, and melting faces off with rap. Stay tuned.


NEHRUVIANDOOM is Bishop Nehru's debut album. Produced by Metal Fingers and featuring MF DOOM vocals on several tracks, it's a compact nine track, 30 minute long player.

Bishop Nehru's breakthrough mixtapes, released from the age of 15 saw him rhyming over DOOM produced instrumentals. DOOM joined the line of MCs who co-signed the young rapper including heavyweight lyricists Kendrick Lamar and Nas, who introduced him on stage during his set at SXSW as "The future of music".

Still only 17, Bishop has wrapped up his debut album for Lex, a collaborative project with MF DOOM.

Preview/Buy HERE

@DJJS1: It Is What It Isn't (Ground Original 4)

DJ JS-1 of the world famous Rock Steady Crew is set to release his 6th full length album, IT IS WHAT IT ISN'T (Ground Original 4). Known for his traditional boom bap style, scratch hooks, and bevy of legendary features, this album, which is NOT a compilation, will add on to his impressive catalog. IT IS WHAT IT ISN'T boasts a line-up featuring new songs with ERICK SERMON of EPMD, KRS-ONE, MURS & FASHAWN, BUCKSHOT, ILL BILL & SLAINE of La Coka Nostra, TORAE, HOMEBOY SANDMAN, O.C, The ARTIFACTS, and many more. It has 21 new songs featuring over 45 artists including colaborations that cannot be duplicated such as the song HIGHER LEVEL with BROTHER J and PROFESSOR X of X-CLAN.

The title, IT IS WHAT IT ISN'T comes from a lack of credibility as many artists falsely portray themselves today using social media. DJ JS-1 has grown a world-wide fan-base by consistently touring for over 16 years now, proving himself and representing hip-hop culture in over 45 countries. JS-1 is also an accomplished graffiti artist, JERMS, hence the graffiti/dj reference on the cover art. While he stays promoting the true culture and essence of what millions of fans want around the globe, many others gain followers by manipulating people's perceptions. It seems it's all about what people think you've done, rather than what you've truly done. As the title track says, "In the world that we live in, it's fake it til you fit in, perception is reality, it is what it isn't..." Like JS-1, the artists on this album have paid their dues and shown and proved for decades. The lead single "Turn the Tables" with O.C is an ode to the origins of hip hop djaying with Kool DJ Red Alert making a guet appearance as the song is a tribute to many legendary disc jockeys from the golden era. As other new DJ/Producers jump ship and go the route of making dance remixes that get lost in the mix, DJ JS-1 aka JERMS has pushed forward and steadily fed his fans what they crave both musically and with his graffiti/"street art."

Once again, JS-1 does not disappoint. A full length album with a variety of credible MCees, both older and newer, concept songs with content, and all new beats strictly produced by himself, not a production team or with licensed or bought beats from several producers. There is only a handful of DJ's who have successfully done this for soo long. Another classic "underground" hiphop album that is a great addition to anyone's collection who does not love the radio and trend-chasing nonsense. IT IS WHAT IT ISN'T...

Preview/Buy HERE

Diamond District (@yUthe78er x @uptownxo x @ODDISEE): March On Washington (Album)

We attract people who need that boom and that bap." That's more than a line; it's a legacy. When Diamond District dropped In the Ruff on Mello Music Group in 2009, the gritty drums and grimy raps combined as elementally as hydrogen and oxygen. The D.C. Voltron of Oddisee, yU, and X.O. dusted off and revitalized a sound once consigned to the catacombs.

Hailed as an instant classic, its impact reverberated throughout the underground and mainstream. The Washington D.C. City Paper called it the city's best album in many years. During an era when lyricism was deemed too intellectual and samples too dated, Diamond District overturned conventional logic. They preserved the raw and made it righteous.

A half-decade later, the holy trinity has returned with March on Washington. The truths remain timeless. Wisdom over rhythm. Slang turned into testament. The march turned into indelible memory. This is rap for every man (and woman) done by extraordinary men. They're doing it for the pioneers of the culture and for Trayvon Martin, for those workers toiling on the weekends to get their moms out of the hood.

It's music to entertain, but also to restore a feeling. It places an increasingly rare value on wordplay, flows, concepts, breath control, and passion. It's replete with the intangibles that make hip-hop special. Oddisee crafts beats that bang like galvanized soul, hard enough to deflect bullets but infused with a veiled sensitivity. And as the group says on finale, "Bonus Flow," they made it cool for "K. Dot to do what he do....and "Oddisee's better than Kanye too."

The songs reflect the creative push and pull of the group itself, three solo artists who manifest something greater than the sum of their parts. This is the antidote for those who feel like they didn't leave hip-hop, hip-hop left them. It refuses to spin its wheels or let its focus stray. It is filthy enough to come from the gutter, but it doesn't cater to low sensibilities. There is the spirit of the old transplanted into the legs of the new. Round up the troops, lace those boots. This is triumph that you can march to, until you can't walk anymore.

@PhiliNDotz - War Dance /Prod. @petecannonbeats [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

@junclassic - No Realer Feat Maniac (Prod By Maniac) [Words Are Weapons]

@PalmerSquares - No Foam In The Cup [Official Video]

@EMANVELX - STREAMS (Official Music Video) (Prod. @JeffMilnazik)

The Cabinet (@who_is_felix @TRYBISHOP @TheLionessMusic @kaleemtheking @Mastermind13x - "The Hard Way" (Official Video)

@NTANHNS & @BlabberMouf (Het VerZet) & @Res_oner (Split Prophets) - Hardcore [Official Video]

@HoodieAllen - "Act My Age" (Official Video)

@ShabaamSahdeeq - Keepers Of The Lost Art (Official Video)

@atmosphere - My Lady Got Two Men (Official Video)

@cescru - Jimmy Stewart - Official Music Video

@SuicideVI - Animated Intro (Official Music VIdeo)

@SPITGEMZ - "AUTHENTIC" feat @Doszastro prod by @ruler_why (Music Video)

@JackJetson - Strange ways (Prod. @mcleafdog) OFFICIAL VIDEO

@itsPSOnow The Earth Tone King - She Don't ft. 8thW1 (Music Video)

@C_Rayz_Walz - WINTER feat @outwrite of GSA (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

@FLYestintheeERA f/ @joeyBADASS_ - "Sup Preme" Official Music Video

@rhettmatic feat. @j57 & @koncept (Brown Bag Allstars) - "Louis Vuitton Wallets" (Music Video)

@RighteouzKnight - Volume Up (Official Music Video)

@thefckingera - "Hail Razor" (feat. @ALa_SOLE , @DessyHinds_ & @FLYestintheeERA) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

@realcormega - Rise ft. @mayaazucena (Music Video)

@JoellOrtiz - Music Saved My Life ft. @bobatl, @MallyStakzYND (Music Video)

@ChrissyLeese – Loose Women (feat. Elliot Spencer) (Music Video)

@joesnowds - Loose Chains (Music Video)

@joeyBADASS_ - "Christ Conscious" (Official Music Video)

@KevBr0wn & @HassaanMackey "Dope / Hassaan Be Rappin" (split video)

Homeboy Sandman - Refugee (Official Video)

@MaffewRagazino, @IamLivinProof & @CORTEZ_HSP - "No Chance" (Prod by James Moore)

@MAYDAYMUSIC x @MURS - Zones - Official Music Video

[Official Video] @TheRealSaigon - Nunya – produced by @REALDJPREMIER

@lokiscottishrap - Government Issue Music Protest (Review)

Loki for those that don't know, is an MC/Activist based in Glasgow, known for being one of the finest Orators in Scotland. Not only does he have knowledge in the skill needed to be an above average rapper, he also possesses the skills of being a great public speaker, tones of comedy and dark subject matter whenever he feels like he wants to throw them in. Not afraid of talking about his life experiences either. Which is a respectable bullet point to his entertaining persona. Today i have in my possession Loki's latest project - G.I.M.P. (Government Issue Music Protest).

The story is based around a futuristic Scottish Dystopia, Scotland 2035 has been morphed into a mega-city called "New Glasgow". The Professional class are housed in grandiose towers and the poor are stuck on the streets. The government have released genetically modified wasps into "New Glasgow" after the extinction of Bee's. These Wasp's sting the public and takes away their belief systems. All this due to the outcome of the recent Scottish Referendum. That's a basic outline of the story for you.

The tracks on the album are all based on questioning the way your living, with comical puns and the dark matter we know Loki for. My favourite tracks are "THE END". This one shows Loki in "Terrorist" mode showing his action man activism side. Great start to the album.

"THE UNIMPORTANCE OF BEING IDLE" - WOW, This is heavy, lotsa great flows in this and shows off Loki's skill in shades.

This album is one of the best projects i have heard from Scotland in the past few years, and is gonna be hard to beat.

Available for the public on November 5th.

You can Pre order HERE

@HailMaryMallon (@AesopRockWins & @Rob_Sonic) - Jonathan (Official Video) @rhymesayers

@KingChoosey 'Fly Me To The Moon' Prod by @ExileRadio (Official Video)

@PRhyme_Official (@Royceda59 & @REALDJPREMIER) (Music Video)

@themouseoutfit feat. @SparkzAaron & @TruthosMufasa - Power (Music Video)

@Res_oner - Bristol Bullshit. Prod.&Cuts Dj Fingerfood (Music Video)

@therealreks X @HazardisSoundz - Fear Of God ft. @KnowledgeMedina & @HIGHCOLLIDE305 (official video)

@therealredman "OutSpoken Freestyle" (Music Video)

@SingaporeKane "Pull It Up" (Official Video)

@OnlyChrisRivers "My Ghetto" feat @TermanologyST (Music Video)

Cracker Jon & 2Late - What You Prefer? (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

@MadChild57 - Never Die (Music Video)

@dalocksmith - Jaded Ft @YoOlamide (Music Video)

@Slimkid3 & @DJNUMARK "I Know, Didn't I" featuring Darondo (Music Video)

@StanleyOdd - Son I Voted Yes (Music Video)

@JisterMusic - Now That You (Music Video) - Produced by The Lion Ranger

@junclassic Ft Maniac (@Demograffics) - No Realer (Music Video)

@cescru - Give It To Me (Music Video)

@VonPoeVII - Tight Rope ft. @vidakillz [Official Music Video]

@charronkotd Ft @SwishaT_ & @johnnybrahvo - Left Lane Anthem (Music Video)

MURDERED: SOUL SUSPECT RAP | @itsDanBull (Music Video)

@TheCypherEffect - @CzarVanGogh / @WardUWS / @GothamHeights / @ciphurphace / @jakepalumbo

@abbott_brown - Vital Organ (Music Video)

@ShabaamSahdeeq - Darkness Ft @ElGant @mastaace @RasKass & @PAWZ1 (Produced By @jakepalumbo) (Single)

SpaceLAB Recordings / 22 Ventures / Marvial Entertainment Presents:

"Darkness" - brand new promotional street single by Shabaam Sahdeeq featuring El Gant, Ras Kas, Masta Ace & Pawz One, available for free download or donation at "Name Your Own Price" via the SpaceLAB Recordings Bandcamp store, right on time for the 2014 Hip-Hop Kemp Festival in Czech Republic.

Courtesy of 22 Ventures Ent., & the artists themselves, all proceeds donated at "Name Your Own Price" via the SpaceLAB Bandcamp store will be donated directly to the Recovery Fund for Lisa Vick, mother of the songs' producer Jake Palumbo. Ms. Vick was diagnosed early this summer with an aggressive form of breast cancer, as well as the rare blood disease Hemochromatosis. She has recently underwent a double mastectomy surgery, & will begin aggressive chemotherapy this month to begin the long road to becoming cancer-free. Needless to say, medical bills shall begin piling up quickly, & any contributions to the fight no matter how small are valued.

Mama Palumbo sends her love, thanks & support to the hip-hop community for all the emails, Facebook messages & even donations she has received from fans, rappers & the community alike. Get well messages may be sent to bluebug59@gmail.com

For more information on how you can help with the fight against Breast Cancer please visit www.bcrfcure.org or www.cancercare.org

@cudabrownF9 (Interview)

You can find all music from him and the Fugitive 9 crew below:





Also check out our boy Cab Beats that supplied the background instrumentals.


System Of Control - The Town Featuring Gard Feez, Big Al & Ciaran Mac Prod by CabBeats (Single)

System of control are a Scottish rap duo currently signed to the independent record label Powercut Productions.

The duo are made up of Hamilton Producer Cab Beats and Ayrshire Rapper Hazey Jay.

This is their latest single featuring 3 Emcee's also based in Scotland. Gard Feez, Big Al & Ciaran Mac.

Stream Below.

@Signif - Play 2 Win Ft @ELZHI (Produced By @jbmbeatz (Single)

Milwaukee-bred, NYC-based emcee Signif presents the “Play 2 Win”, her new single featuring Detroit rapper Elzhi. Produced by JBM Beatz, "Play 2 Win" is the newest single from her forthcoming album Friction, set to feature Sadat X, Aldrick, and Genesis Renji as well as production from Skeff Anselm, Fate, DJ Puerto Roc, Radio Raheim, and Tay Lee. Signif describes "Play 2 Win" as "Elzhi and myself reflecting on the social ills of our surroundings and how it's so easy to get caught up in the wrong situations in life. It takes much effort to pull away from most social norms while having a positive outlook on life. We reached out to Elzhi’s camp and he was down to do the track after listening to some of my music, it's definitely a honor to be on a track with El." Friction drops September 9 on Intelligent Dummies. Pre Order The Album Here.

@DinoCircle - Trashcan Jazz [Official Music Video] Produced By @AlexNejera

@SageFrancis - Make Em Purr (Music Video)

@187DOCUMENTS - Free Hostage (Music Video)

@MadChild57 - Junior - Produced by @BeatsByAspect (Single)

@MAYDAYMUSIC x @MURS - My Own Parade - Official Music Video

@gwatsky - Bet Against Me [All You Can Do] (Music Video)