@DJJS1: It Is What It Isn't (Ground Original 4)

DJ JS-1 of the world famous Rock Steady Crew is set to release his 6th full length album, IT IS WHAT IT ISN'T (Ground Original 4). Known for his traditional boom bap style, scratch hooks, and bevy of legendary features, this album, which is NOT a compilation, will add on to his impressive catalog. IT IS WHAT IT ISN'T boasts a line-up featuring new songs with ERICK SERMON of EPMD, KRS-ONE, MURS & FASHAWN, BUCKSHOT, ILL BILL & SLAINE of La Coka Nostra, TORAE, HOMEBOY SANDMAN, O.C, The ARTIFACTS, and many more. It has 21 new songs featuring over 45 artists including colaborations that cannot be duplicated such as the song HIGHER LEVEL with BROTHER J and PROFESSOR X of X-CLAN.

The title, IT IS WHAT IT ISN'T comes from a lack of credibility as many artists falsely portray themselves today using social media. DJ JS-1 has grown a world-wide fan-base by consistently touring for over 16 years now, proving himself and representing hip-hop culture in over 45 countries. JS-1 is also an accomplished graffiti artist, JERMS, hence the graffiti/dj reference on the cover art. While he stays promoting the true culture and essence of what millions of fans want around the globe, many others gain followers by manipulating people's perceptions. It seems it's all about what people think you've done, rather than what you've truly done. As the title track says, "In the world that we live in, it's fake it til you fit in, perception is reality, it is what it isn't..." Like JS-1, the artists on this album have paid their dues and shown and proved for decades. The lead single "Turn the Tables" with O.C is an ode to the origins of hip hop djaying with Kool DJ Red Alert making a guet appearance as the song is a tribute to many legendary disc jockeys from the golden era. As other new DJ/Producers jump ship and go the route of making dance remixes that get lost in the mix, DJ JS-1 aka JERMS has pushed forward and steadily fed his fans what they crave both musically and with his graffiti/"street art."

Once again, JS-1 does not disappoint. A full length album with a variety of credible MCees, both older and newer, concept songs with content, and all new beats strictly produced by himself, not a production team or with licensed or bought beats from several producers. There is only a handful of DJ's who have successfully done this for soo long. Another classic "underground" hiphop album that is a great addition to anyone's collection who does not love the radio and trend-chasing nonsense. IT IS WHAT IT ISN'T...

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