ATDS 5: Greatest Of All Time

Hip Hop podcast dedicated to the more technical side of rapping. Skill over Quantity.

Hear our controversial choice for greatest rapper of all time during our debate half way through the show aswell as other topics that come up as we are talking.

Jace Abstract - Twilight Zone (Prod. by Tommy Vamoz)
Leddie MC - Pursuit of Happiness
Trademarkblud - The Invisible Man
Chinese Man Ft A-F-R-O, A.S.M. & Taiwan MC - The New Crown
5th Child Ft Eunice - The Results
Rainman - Australian Story
Ill Move Sporadic & Joey Menza - Wild Things
Locksmith - Agenda
mISTAh bOhzE - Ornaments
Shawn Micskills - The New America

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