Can you give as a little introduction to you as an Artist?
Agallah don bishop formerly known as 8-off the Asassinator artist producer living legend hip hop pioneer

How long have you been making music?
The last three decades

How many songs /albums have you released to date?
Over 1000 songs
The last project I released is Past and present by Me and the Alchemist you can download that here for free http://m.audiomack.com/album/agallah-don-bishop/past-and-present-1

Get red v mixtape , you already know, fame mixtape all on on iTunes other mixtape a can be found on datpiff.com/agallah

Can you tell us about your new project and the background and inspirations behind it? 
Agalito's Way album is my life story put into music I want listeners to get more familiar with who I am the mixtape will be released before the album : the life of son Francis - streets gotta be repped right so heads will def relate to this album I feel it's dropping this summer.

How have you ended up in the music industry?
I made a name for myself from nothing a ghetto kid with this opportunity should be greatful no one is promised tomorrow so I stay on my craft people know the talent and I stay on my grind to deliver what the people want I'm happy where I'm at puertorican a wasn't supposed to make it this far in the rap game I'm a living testament to puertorican culture in hip hop

What do you think of the music industry at the moment?
It's harder and harder to prove to corporations one brand of artist is enough for these days and times there is no filter. Anyone can say that they hot or play some bs on radio thru favoritism or paid off connects it's rigged

Who inspires you when you make your music?
My inner aura first and foremost a life event or conversation leading to a point of the day great vibes and staying focused.

Can you recite a few bars that inspired you to start writing?
Hypothetical mad scientist of evolution
Soliloquy of murder poetical pollution
My mind builds into further depths to cause stress to mc's and leave em extinct .old raps there but those bars made me wanna keep writing

Who have you collaborated with so far in your Career?
Epmd dad efx big daddy Kane Kool g rap the diplomats ras kass prodigy and havoc dame grease cappadonna Craig g immortal technique inspectah deck Sean price big mike j ro of tha alkoholiks supernatural alchemist roc marci masta  ace guilty Simpson onyx group home dead prez dj premier

What book are you reading at the moment?
Frank 151 issue number 14 with me in it

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?
 More younger artists kid ink pro era Joey bad ass Flatbush zombies Brownsville Ka

What was the first album u bought?
Fat boys self titled first album

Where was the first gig you performed and did it go well?
Wendy Williams birthday party in Brooklyn it was a huge fight w onyx so we never got to rock but we got it in !

If the question above wasnt the worst gig you have ever performed at, can you tell me about the worst?
The worst gig I ever did was at a public school and one little girl ripped my pants what a wardrobe malfunction !

And the best gig you've had?
the Bert gig I ever had was going on the chronic tour w dr dre snoop kurupt onyx and I had the time of my life.

What was the first thing you downloaded illegally?
never downloaded anything illegal if it's free it's free fuck that !
Whats your favorite song at the moment?
Stitches -brick in to face I love that song

What to you is the definition of a Wack Emcee?
some one who pulls out a blackberry and recites raps off of it
If you had to sell your music collection tomorrow, what album would you leave in your drawer? I'd leave my album you already know in the draw all we got is us feel me?

Your dream collaboration track for a future album - Producer & Feature artists (Dead Or Alive). Dr dre and rakim

What do you do when your not making music?
I'm living my normal life smoking my weed chilling with someone I care for or my homies plotting on a come up time waits for no one

How do you feel about Underground Hip Hop at the moment, do things need to change? Stop calling it underground it been surfaced years ago.

At All That Dope Shit we like to feature as much underappreciated artists as we can. Can you name a few guys from your local area we should check out?
I am young hope @trueyounghope
Brownsville Ka @brownsvilleka
Pepe locs aka tha locust @tha_locust

What are your thoughts on the All That Dope Shit Blog?
Dope site continue much success

Anything else you would like to add?
Make sure you cop Agalito's way this summer for my fans thank you for sticking with me all these years salute to the whole propain campain team bless up !

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