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Can you give us a little introduction to you as an Artist?
My names Shadoh I’m a hip hop artist from Ardrossan, North Ayrshire, Scotland. I’ve been writing and recording music for 4 years now. i’ve worked with many artists & producers through out the UK and other countries such as Poland, Spain, America, Germany, France & Kazakhstan…. yes, thats right, Kazakhstan. The shits crazy. I’ve dropped 8 mix tapes to date & currently working on my first debut album that is set to drop on the 23rd of May 2014, its probably already out by the time you all see this so be sure to go search that up. I’ve traveled all round Scotland since the age of 16 working with many independent artists from rappers to indie singers. I’ve met a lot of good people via music, thats one of the main reasons behind my crazy addiction to keep making more.

How long have you been making music?  
4 years.

How many songs /albums have you released to date?
damm!! I’ve released like, 9 mix tapes in 4 years although only a few are really still around online. I’ve easily flew past the 500 mark with single releases & features too… yet again, a lot of songs from the first 2 years of my music has been taken offline and only very few people will have the older projects. So, If you ever hear a song from you that you like make sure you download that shit because I’ve got a crazy habit for knocking tracks offline when I feel I’v progressed…
Get my albums at www.mcgmusicuk.bandcamp.com
Get my single releases at www.soundcloud.com/shadohmusic

Can you tell us about your new project and the background and inspirations behind it? 
My new album started off crazy, at first it was all planned to be called ‘’Just Hip Hop’’ where i was going to do like 14 tracks of old school type tracks but then maybe.. 3 tracks In I had people ask me for grime, trap & dub step songs, I’ve been spitting on dusty vinyl vibe instruments for 4 years so I decided to switch it up. I ended up taking the album from a ordinary writing process to a whole new experimental project. I have rock tracks, trap tracks, old school tracks, funk tracks, grime tracks and even a few emotional ones. Due to all this experimental shit I ended up getting hardcopies made and selling them for £6.99. I always wondered if selling albums would go well or if it would be a disaster so I said fuck it and got em done. Everything about this project is experimental, its there for a reason. It serves a purpose, each track targets a certain audience. Even down to the track list, the tracks have been numbered specifically to make the album more enjoyable… I named the album ‘’get jacked’’ . The title can mean what ever you want…. until you hear the track ‘’Get Jacked’’ you won’t really know what to make of the whole concept…

How have you ended up in the music industry? 
I aint in the industry, I’m in the community.

Who inspires you when you make your music? 
Any artist who’s bringing heavy bars lol, recently I’ve noticed I’ve been listening to a lot of grime. I still blare the old school heads but theres some nice fucking grime out there right now.

Can you recite a few bars that inspired you to start writing?
Not really… I wouldn’t say I was inspired by someone else’s lyricism. If anybody, it would be eminem. In his good days.

Who have you collaborated with so far in your Career? 
Oh shit, a lot of cats. I’ve featured with a lot of artists who I can’t really be bothered naming, if you want to know then check up my band camp, between artists and producers, theres hundreds of people now. Theres also a certain group of people I wasted a good time on… without going too personal, sometimes its just better to admit you cab collaborate with people who will just hold you down. so aye… any young artists reading this. beware, the snake population rises every year.

What book are you reading at the moment?
The Psychological Covert War on Hip Hop by Professor Griff

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?  
hmm… a high focus artist, they guys have shit locked. Preferably Baxter, Dike or Fliptrix. but saying that, I’m finding new artists to listen to every week.

What was the first album u bought?  
Can’t Remember…

What was the first thing you downloaded illegally?
Music Software lol

Whats your favorite song at the moment? 
Bilzar - Talking shit

If you had to sell your music collection tomorrow, what album would you leave in your drawer? 
Aint really got CD’s now …. I just use spotify.

Your dream collaboration track for a future album - Producer & Feature artists (Dead Or Alive). 

What do you do when your not making music? 
Working a 9 to 5, looking after my daughter, writing, promoting, mixing, mastering, beat searching, job searching, smoking, oot galavanting…. Always kept busy.

How do you feel about Underground Hip Hop at the moment, do things need to change? 
Nah… its growing. Theres always gonna be they fake bastards. we have a lot of them locally.

At All That Dope Shit we like to feature as much underappreciated artists as we can. Can you name a few guys from your local area we should check out?
JMC, no doubt. He’s majority slept on. Ciaran mac as well… tunes are epic.

What are your thoughts on the All That Dope Shit Blog?
Its positive, thats always a good thing.

Anything else you would like to add? 

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