@Has_Lo & @CSTLNOVA - D​.​L​.​S. (Single)

Producer Arcka opens "D.L.S." with a guitar pluck driven beat that inspires rapper/mc CASTLE to declare the definition of Swagneto (magnetically attracted swagger). Meanwhile, partner-in-rhyme, Has-Lo, glides in like Jordan on the opening verse.  But rather than go into the typical 16, Has-Lo and CASTLE begin an uncouth rhyme trade off.  But the real star here is the energy between the two emcees as they bounce back and forth spitting, laughing, and dancing through Arcka's lively production that would have served as a perfect backdrop for some Dirt McGirt, if we were fortunate enough to still have him around.

The mixture of drums, closed cymbal crashes, string plucks, and soul sample vocal stabs is a perfect beat backdrop for the two creatively unfiltered emcees to rhyme,  laugh, and enjoy rapping on.  Why? Because it feels good. It's a musical friendship played out with the record button luckily pressed.  Vibe with Has-Lo & CASTLE, and if you like the feeling in your brain-stem when you're done,  pre-order "Live Like You're Dead."

July 29th
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