@RGGMachine (Dr. Oop & Magic T w/ MC Nucleus): Planet Africa (LP)

The Red Gold & Green Machine are a North American hip-hop group with a sound that skips effortlessly between genres and appeals to lovers of all styles! Its core members are Canadian songstress and MC Tonye "Magic T" Aganaba and Los Angeles lyrical legend, dr.Oop of the bLackloveR88rs, as well as unofficial third member/ collaborator – MC Nucleus. The trio met and subsequently formed RG&GM in the summer of 2010 after meeting at Shambhala Musical Festival. What transpired on that fateful day sparked a journey, both literally and figuratively as they crossed borders to meet, create and hone their long-awaited debut album Planet Africa. The chemistry between The Red Gold & Green Machine is undeniable with their unique style building upon foundations laid by The Fugees and Black Eyed Peas.

As solo artists, Magic T and dr.Oop have found their own success, but by joining forces, they have stepped on to another plane and harnessed a profound creative energy that is reflected in their sophomore release. Their combination of dulcet tones and velvet vocals with crisp flows, conscious content and witty lyricism equals the future of roots and culture. In short, The Red Gold & Green Machine is the new black!

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