Bigg Taj & Spee 69 - Cherry Pie (Single) (Review)

I have to admit, I'm always really reluctant to put together reviews as i feel that music should speak for itself. And the whole reason for this blog is me posting stuff i like anyway. But when approached by 2 of the tallest men on the universe to review their single due out soon, i always feel i should just do as i'm told as they may kill me (Quite easily, with almost no effort put in). First off, i'm a sucker for a Bigg Taj beat, usually Taj puts alot of Emphasis onto his own background and uses beats perhaps more representative of the culture he comes from and i love that shit. He has used a sample i have heard before on this, but i cannot for the life of me think what it is. And i will not place my inane thoughts out there to be corrected later. The beat is a soulful jazzy beast of a thing, and i fell immediately in love with it. Spee as a seasoned veteran of rap, kindly compliments the style of beat with his own style of MCing which features heavy punchlines and major emphasis on Similes aswell as dope Metaphorical work. Through the years Spee has always shown his knowledge in rapping and to be honest doesn't really get the respect or admiration he deserves, This track shows him off nicely, The faded out Chorus allows your ears a break from the repetitive nature of the chorus, which is satisfying and allows you to enjoy it more in my opinion. Overall the piece is great, but lacks a certain specialty to stand out from a crowd of tracks submitted to me everyday. Not taking anything away from the guys. It's great but not quite a repeat banger.

You can get the track as a Pre-Order on iTunes HERE

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