@Dynamic_EQ - Post Crack Era (Album)

Dynamic Equilibrium is a NYC hip-hop group that looks to deliver a message in their music without coming off preachy or, worse yet, "corny." But in the underground hip-hop community, who DOESN'T try accomplish this? Few succeed at balancing substance with an appealing style.

Part of Dynamic Equilibrium's allure is the cinematic style of their music videos. Their first release, "Pangea", captivated people across the world, with its usage of Charlie Chaplin's infamous scene and a gritty, post-apocalyptic backdrop.

But beyond the visuals, the chemistry the duo has together sets them apart. Queens native Alpha Memphis oozes in confidence, evident in the variety of flows and cadences he has at instant command. Brooklyn's MACHIA shows tremendous range in production throughout their works, and even occasionally trades rhymes with his partner.

Their music is conceptual and yet remarkably smooth to the ear. And with their first album, they are set to introduce the world to a new age: This is POST CRACK ERA.

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